Rachel Zoe's Express Clothing Line Makes Glamour Effortless and Affordable: Here Are Her Styling Tips

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We interviewed Rachel Zoe due to the fact that we deliberation you'll like her picks astatine these prices. Rachel is simply a paid spokesperson for Express. The products featured are from Rachel's postulation with Express. E! has affiliate relationships, truthful we whitethorn get a committee if you acquisition thing done our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are close arsenic of people time.

Most of america privation to look and consciousness glamorous with our fashion. Unfortunately, that's not casual for everyone. Many of america person constricted shopping budgets and we're abbreviated connected clip to benignant our looks. Enter, Rachel Zoe, a legendary stylist and covering decorator who believes that glamour should beryllium casual and accessible.

Rachel teamed up with Express and Reunited Clothing to motorboat her ain collection. In an exclusive E! interview, Rachel explained, "My full ngo down everything I bash has ever been to marque the getting dressed process easier for women." Rachel's enactment besides includes versatile men's styles.

Rachel shared her inspiration passim the plan process and her styling insights for the styles with E! readers.

E!: What bash you similar astir buying astatine Express?
RZ: I deliberation there's a comfortableness successful knowing what you're getting. There's a existent comfortableness successful knowing the prime of a merchandise you're getting. It's precise consistent. With Express, I deliberation radical person been buying determination for truthful long. There's a crushed that it's inactive going truthful beardown erstwhile truthful galore brands haven't survived. They've truly acclimated to the customers passim the years and managed to enactment modern yet existent to the brand.

E!: You worked with Reunited Clothing Executive Creative Director Hilda Batayneh connected this enactment virtually. Tell maine astir putting the postulation unneurotic successful that way.
RZ: It's interesting. I was decidedly distant for astir the full process. It was specified an specified a process due to the fact that I'm decidedly not a hands disconnected benignant of person. So, I decidedly wanted to beryllium precise progressive each measurement of the way. It ended up being beauteous amazing. Working with Hilda and the Express squad was truthful smooth. Even the virtual fittings were amazing.

E!: What are 3 words you would usage to picture the collection?
RZ: I would accidental effortless, classic, and glamorous.

E!: I similar that operation due to the fact that I don't deliberation radical brace "effortless" and "glamorous" unneurotic precise often.
RZ: That's truly been my mantra for my full life, trying to marque glamour effortless. When galore radical deliberation of glamour, they representation shot gowns and diamonds and that's not each it has to be. I deliberation you tin marque glamour a simple, casual task with tan pants and a brace of flats oregon adjacent conscionable wearing golden hoop earrings with your outfit. Glamour is simply a authorities of mind.

Rachel Zoe's Express Collection 
Express Rachel Zoe Metallic Draped One Shoulder Thong Bodysuit

"I emotion this piece. I would deterioration that with jeans and heels. At night, you tin spell retired wearing this bodysuit with achromatic oregon achromatic trousers."

Express Rachel Zoe Metallic One Shoulder Tie Waist Maxi Dress

"I wore the metallic ruffle dress to Coachella. It's bully for summertime due to the fact that it's comfortable, but you tin besides deterioration it if you privation to formal up. It's precise versatile. This is simply a postulation that tin beryllium worn dressed up oregon formal down for formation oregon to a achromatic tie. I conscionable effort and marque everything easy, comfortable, and versatile to style."

Express Rachel Zoe Animal Print Draped One Shoulder Thong Bodysuit

"I've been wearing one-shoulder tops since I was 13. It's a silhouette I've ever loved. It's a subtle mode of being sexy. I similar that it's a small little expected and that it's a motion to the 70s, which is my favourite era. I deliberation a batch of radical are a small apprehensive astir a 1 shoulder. In my styling career, I astir apt had 80% of clients accidental they that 1 enarthrosis doesn't enactment for them. There's a misconception that radical deliberation it doesn't look bully connected them, but it truly does. You tin besides deterioration a bra with it."

Express Rachel Zoe Printed Satin Cowl Neck Midi Slip Dress

"I conscionable person a 70s sensibility, but I effort and support it modern and fresh. I deliberation the 70s has this benignant of effortless glamour that I volition ever beryllium attracted to. With the postulation determination are floral prints, animal prints, carnal prints, and butterfly prints. There's a femininity astir it and a existent benignant of California glamour to it. That's decidedly what I'm drawn to."

Express Rachel Zoe Mid Rise Light Wash 70s Flare Jeans

"Totally. These are a amusive motion to the 70s and a large mode to instrumentality portion successful that inclination without afloat committing to a full 70s outfit too."

Express Rachel Zoe Satin One Button Notch Lapel Blazer, Satin Cropped Cami, and High Waisted Satin Wide Leg Pant

"This ivory suit is an all-time favorite. I emotion it. I've already worn it 3 times and you astir apt can't adjacent archer due to the fact that I styled it successful antithetic ways. The girls successful my bureau are virtually warring implicit it everybody wants to deterioration the look. A suit is the astir versatile happening you'll ever own. You tin benignant it successful truthful galore ways. You tin deterioration a blazer to enactment oregon with your favourite leggings oregon with skinny jeans and a brace of boots. It's a comfy outfit with a precise relaxed acceptable that's inactive precise flattering."

Rachel Zoe Metallic Puff Sleeve Crop Top and High Waisted Metallic Pleated Maxi Skirt

"I emotion showcasing the enarthrosis and cervix connected women. I deliberation it's 1 of the astir beauteous features. You tin person a real, subtle sexiness with an off-the-shoulder top. Plus, they're a 2 successful 1 apical due to the fact that you tin deterioration them connected the enarthrosis oregon disconnected the shoulder. That's a speedy instrumentality you tin pull, wearing it connected the enarthrosis for work, and past pulling it down for an aft enactment blessed hour."

Express Rachel Zoe Printed Off The Shoulder Cropped Top and Printed Maxi Skirt

"I truly designed the postulation to beryllium worn arsenic acceptable together, similar tops and maxi skirts that spell together."

Express Rachel Zoe Metallic Jacquard Puff Sleeve Crop Top

"I emotion the brocade cigaret pants with the puff sleeve top. You tin besides premix and lucifer them with what you already own. They're besides meant to beryllium styled from time to night."

E!: You are surrounded by guys astatine location with your hubby Rodger Berman and your sons. What power did they person connected the collection?
RZ: I americium surely outnumbered. Rodger and my oldest lad won't deterioration thing unless it's ace comfortable. If the cloth isn't soft, they don't privation it. On the different hand, I sometimes sacrifice comfortableness due to the fact that of however bully a garment looks. Rodger loved each azygous portion successful the collection. He's already worn a batch of it. 

Rachel Zoe's Express Collection for Men
Express Rachel Zoe Long Sleeve Terry Polo and Drawstring Terry Short

"The men's apparel are precise versatile, comfortable, and easy. There's a terry cloth that I love."

Express Rachel Zoe Chore Jacket

"My favourite portion would decidedly beryllium the safari jacket since it's a ace transitional weight. I deliberation men ever conflict to find a overgarment they tin deterioration for aggregate seasons that's comfy to wear, but inactive looks nice."

Express Rachel Zoe Slim Green Striped Cotton Suit Jacket and Slim Green Striped Cotton Suit Pant

"I did 2 ace casual suits. I tried to marque it ace casual to enactment successful with pieces you already person astatine home."

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(This interrogation has been edited and condensed for magnitude and clarity.)

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