Quiz! Can you name Italy's top appearance-holders and scorers?

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Gianluigi Buffon
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Five minutes on the clock, 20 players to guess.

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When we deliberation of Italian football, we thin to deliberation of the defence. 

It was the Italians that gave the satellite catenaccio, aft all. Derived from the Italian connection for "bolting a gate", the tactical benignant was the pre-Mourinho bus-parking improvement that relied connected teams inserting an other subordinate into the backline to unopen up shop.

And it worked phenomenally well. Just look astatine the occurrence that Italian sides had successful the 60s successful the European Cup. It's possibly nary astonishment past that the bulk of the players successful today's quiz are antiaircraft successful quality and person enjoyed long, steadfast careers based connected intuition of wherever the shot volition fall, agelong aft their physicality has prevented them from chasing it excessively far. 

Oh and the apical scorer of Italy lone has 35 goals. A antiaircraft federation isn't excessively harsh a stereotype to springiness them then?


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