QuantumScape update: Solid-state cells will cut EV charging time in half and increase volumetric density over 50%

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In a missive to shareholders outlining its advancement done Q1 of 2022, solid-state artillery shaper QuantumScape has shared immoderate breathtaking updates. These see a caller 16-layer, solid-state compartment – an archetypal impervious of conception of the company’s proprietary compartment format. Additionally, QuantumScape shared quality of scaled manufacturing and plans for accrued accumulation capacity. There’s tons to unfold here, truthful let’s hop in.

Quick recap

QuantumScape ($QS) is a artillery exertion institution founded successful 2010 with the extremity of processing scalable, effectual solid-state batteries.

In December of 2020, the artillery developer announced it had reached a “major breakthrough” in its exertion by utilizing a ceramic separator, starring to the palmy investigating of single-layer prototype cells. After doubling the size of its archetypal aviator manufacturing line, Quantumscape revealed it had besides developed a 10-layer cell.

In February, QuantumScape shared different manufacture archetypal with a single-layer compartment that completed 400 consecutive 15-minute fast-charge cycles, replenishing from 10% to 80% capableness portion inactive retaining implicit 80% of its archetypal energy.

In its latest Q1 missive to shareholders, QuantumScape has continued its momentum with a clump of further solid-state updates.

QuantumScape updatesSource: QuantumScapeThe latest QuantumScape updates

The pursuing accusation was taken from QuantumScape’s quarterly letter to shareholders recapping Q1 of 2022. The details tin beryllium alternatively … dense, truthful we urge checking retired the afloat missive for yourself, but present are immoderate of the cardinal takeaways.

The 16-layer solid-state cell

Continuing its inclination of processing and investigating multi-layered cells that execute nether the company’s “gold standard” conditions, QuantumScape shared that it has developed a 16-layer solid-state artillery compartment that has already endured implicit 500 complaint cycles. So far, the cell’s vigor retention and cycling person behaved likewise to the cells that came earlier it (see graphic above).

In summation to containing much layers, this caller compartment is the archetypal to showcase QuantumScape’s proprietary compartment architecture, which is flexible capable to enactment an anode-free format. The institution describes this archetypal compartment arsenic “an encouraging impervious of concept” for the flexible format but admits overmuch enactment inactive needs to beryllium done earlier it tin genuinely beryllium commercialized.

Manufacturing scaled up

QuantumScape besides offered updates to the standard of its operations, including a ramping up of separator accumulation – a cardinal extremity for 2022 to scope play starts implicit 8,000. This past quarter, the institution recorded mean play starts implicit 3,700, up from 2,000 successful Q4 of 2021.

This summation was made imaginable by QuantumScape’s updates to accumulation tooling connected its Phase 1 engineering line. Speaking of which, the artillery developer besides shared a elaborate strategy of its archetypal scaling of accumulation capacity. It consists of 3 planned phases:

Phase 1 Engineering Line – QuantumScape’s existent halfway of improvement capabilities to day (supports R&D, process development, and pre-A illustration lawsuit sampling) Phase 2 Engineering Line – Builds upon the capabilities of Phase 1 but integrates larger-scale instrumentality with higher levels of automation QS-0 Pre-Pilot Production Line – Planned to diagnostic movie accumulation successful ample continuous kilns with automated movie handling and compartment assembly This enactment remains connected way to nutrient campaigner B-sample cells successful 2023 (B samples are made utilizing accumulation processes).

We tin explicate the rest, but QuantumScape offers its ain accumulation enactment updates best:

In Q2, we purpose to implicit accumulation qualification for the bulk of the tooling for the Phase 2 engineering line, including automated compartment assembly tools, ultrasonic welders and compartment investigating systems. We proceed to people transportation of A-sample cells to astatine slightest 1 lawsuit successful 2022. The A illustration is planned to person dozens of layers and is intended to show the halfway functionality of the artillery cells.

solid authorities   artillery  densityQuantumScape tin connection updates to artillery powerfulness and energy

In the letter, QuantumScape admits it does not judge it’s imaginable to amended some the powerfulness and vigor of artillery cells simultaneously fixed their existent chemistry. However, its solid-state lithium-metal exertion offers the imaginable to amended both. Not conscionable simultaneously, but dramatically (see graph above).

According to QuantumScape, it has 5 user sampling agreements, 3 of which are with top-10 automotive OEMs, 1 of which has already reserved astatine slightest 5 MWh of capableness connected the QS-0 pre-production line. Here’s different update arsenic it pertains to automakers really investigating solid-state batteries:

We person shipped aggregate generations of cells to assorted customers crossed automotive and different applications. In Q1, our 10-layer cells were successfully tested by 1 automotive lawsuit and entered the investigating signifier with another. These intermediate steps correspond factual advancement toward our extremity of shipping A illustration cells successful 2022.

We cognize that one of those automakers is Porsche, which is owned by Volkswagen Group, an aboriginal funder of QuantumScape. The remainder of the missive is financials, which aren’t excessively important close present arsenic the company’s products are inactive precise overmuch successful the developmental phase.

These are large goals for QuantumScape for 2022, but its latest updates supply grounds that the institution continues to standard and amended its solid-state artillery technology. Until adjacent quarter!

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