Proof Kylie Jenner May Be About to Expand Her Makeup Empire

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Stormi Webster Steals the Show successful Kylie Cosmetics Series

Eye spy a possible Kylie Cosmetics expansion.

Kylie Jenner appears to beryllium connected the way to boosting her quality empire to see a wider assortment of oculus makeup. On April 18, she filed paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the sanction "Kylash" to beryllium applied to branded products specified arsenic mascara, eyelash hold fibers, eyelash tints, non-medicated eyelash serums, oculus constitution remover and different related cosmetics.

Kylie already owns the rights to usage the "Kylash" sanction for false eyelashes, which are a portion of her Kylie Cosmetics brand. The company also already offers a Kyliner eyeliner pen and Kybrow kits and different eyebrow items, and utilized to connection Kyshadow pressed pulverization oculus shadiness palettes.

Kylie Cosmetics was initially known for its Kylie Lip Kits erstwhile it launched successful 2014 nether that aforesaid name. In summation to her existing oculus constitution and articulator products, Kylie besides has her ain branded tegument care, babe tegument attraction and hairsbreadth care, and nail items.

Like her household members, Kylie has implicit the years obtained a assortment of trademarks, including 1 for her ain name, girl Stormi Webster's name, "Stormi World," and her 2019 catchphrase "Rise and Shine" for usage connected clothing.

In April 2020, Forbes reported that Kylie was the youngest self-made billionaire in the satellite for the second twelvemonth successful a row, noting that Kylie Cosmetics was valued astatine astir $1.2 cardinal pursuing her $600 cardinal merchantability of 51 percent of the company to quality elephantine Coty Inc. the erstwhile year.

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In May 2020, aft naming her the youngest self-made billionaire successful 2019, Forbes famously reported that it had "recalculated Kylie's nett worthy and concluded that she is not a billionaire," saying that "the deal's good people reveals that she has been inflating the size and occurrence of her business. For years."

Kylie disputed this, tweeting, "What americium I adjacent waking up to? I thought this was a reputable site…All I spot are a fig of inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions lol. I've ne'er asked for immoderate rubric oregon tried to prevarication my mode determination EVER. Period."

Her lawyer said successful a connection astatine the clip that the Forbes article was "filled with outright lies" and demanded a retraction from the outlet. Forbes stood down its story, saying successful a connection that its "extensively-reported investigation" was "triggered by newly-filed documents that revealed glaring discrepancies betwixt accusation privately supplied to journalists and accusation publically supplied to shareholders. Our reporters spotted the inaccuracies and spent months uncovering the facts."

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