Prison guards charged in deadly beating of inmate: "Back alley justice"

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Three Florida correctional officers were arrested Thursday and charged with execution successful the fatal beating of a handcuffed captive who had thrown urine astatine 1 of the officers, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced.

The guards were removing the inmate from a compartment successful the intelligence wellness portion of a Miami-Dade County situation connected Feb. 14 to transportation him to a northbound Florida prison. After the inmate threw urine connected the officer, they handcuffed him and a beating followed, the section said.

"After the inmate was removed, adjacent though helium was successful handcuffs and compliant with serviceman commands, agents accidental the officers began to bushed him. The inmate was beaten truthful severely helium had to beryllium carried to the transport van," the section said successful a quality release.

The inmate was placed unsocial successful what authorities described arsenic a unafraid compartment wrong the van. CBS Miami identified the unfortunate arsenic 60-year-old Ronald Ingram.

 "Individuals who are sentenced to incarceration by our transgression courts person mislaid their state but not their basal rights," Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said. "Inmates should not beryllium taxable to forms of 'back alley' justness which are actions successful usurpation of Florida law."

The van made a halt on the mode and that was erstwhile the inmate was recovered dead, laying connected a seat wrong the vehicle, the connection added. A aesculapian examiner said the decease was caused by a punctured lung that led to interior bleeding. The inmate besides had bruises connected his look and torso.

Authorities said 3 correctional officers were arrested aboriginal Thursday: Christopher Rolon, 29, Kirk Walton, 34, and Ronald Connor, 24. Each is charged with second-degree murder, among different offenses.

All were being held without bail, and online jailhouse records didn't database attorneys for the men.

Authorities said they are searching for a 4th serviceman progressive successful the case. They didn't disclose his identity.

 "What happened, successful this case, is wholly unacceptable and is not a practice of our system, oregon of Dade Correctional Institution arsenic a whole," Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Ricky Dixon said. "The unit progressive successful this lawsuit failed, and arsenic an bureau we volition not basal for this."

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