Powerful FH70 howitzer enters the fight in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirmed that precocious received towed FH70 howitzers were utilized successful combat operations against Russian targets.

The Ukrainian subject besides said that caller 155mm howitzers onslaught wiping retired Russian targets during warring successful the eastbound Ukrainian portion of Donbas.

The FH70 is simply a almighty 155mm howitzer jointly developed by the United Kingdom and Germany. It uses a 155mm 39-caliber ordnance with a treble baffle muzzle brake and sliding breech block.


The maximum scope is astir 30 km. The loading strategy is semi-automatic, and consists of a loading tray and an automatic conduit loader, which run astatine immoderate elevation oregon traversal.

The howitzer is operated by a unit of 8 soldiers, portion the minimum combat squad is 4 men. It is fitted with a VW motor and truthful tin besides run arsenic a self-propelled weapon implicit abbreviated distances.

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