Porsche drives deeper into electric bike market, creates two new e-bike companies

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Porsche hasn’t been coy astir its electrical bicycle ambitions implicit the past fewer years, but present the institution is jumping successful with some feet arsenic it starts 2 caller electrical bicycle companies to grow its scope successful the e-bike market.

Both are associated ventures founded successful tandem by the automaker Porsche and the Dutch institution Ponooc Investment B.V. this week.

The archetypal of the 2 caller companies volition beryllium known arsenic Porsche eBike Performance GmbH and volition absorption mostly connected the improvement of electrical bicycle components including motors, batteries, and thrust software.

Porsche eBike Performance GmbH volition apt gully heavy upon the exertion developed by electrical bicycle thrust shaper FAZUA, which Porsche acquired earlier this summer.

The 2nd task volition beryllium known arsenic P2 eBike GmbH and volition usage the thrust exertion developed by Porsche eBike Performance GmbH to nutrient implicit electrical bicycles for consumers.

Jan Becker, the erstwhile CEO of Porsche Lifestyle GmbH & Co. KG, volition go the president of Porsche eBike Performance GmbH. Moritz Failenschmid, the Managing Director astatine Focus Bikes, volition go the president of P2 eBike GmbH.

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As Porsche AG’s Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Lutz Meschke explained:

We spot large imaginable for Porsche successful the eBike segment. This is wherefore we are consistently expanding our activities successful this area. Jan Becker and Moritz Failenschmid are proven experts erstwhile it comes to mounting up and processing forward-looking and customer-oriented ventures. As portion of a highly skilled and motivated team, they volition beryllium this successful the 2 associated ventures. As is diagnostic of Porsche, it’s each astir processing products that animate radical done intelligent design, blase exertion and outstanding performance.

A statement from the institution explained that successful summation to continuing to make the FAZUA electrical bicycle thrust system, Porsche volition present make “powerful” caller electrical bicycle motors nether the Porsche nameplate.

In summation to those motors uncovering their mode into Porsche’s e-bikes, the institution besides plans to supply the exertion to different manufacturers astir the world.

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This quality is conscionable the latest successful a drawstring of e-bike related announcements from Porsche.

Porsche has already released several high-end electrical bicycles under its ain brand. It also purchased a controlling involvement successful premium electrical upland motorcycle institution Greyp past year, which was developed by electric hypercar shaper Rimac.

Earlier this year, the institution began expanding its e-bike scope by investing successful a 20% involvement successful FAZUA earlier yet buying the remainder of the electrical bicycle drivetrain shaper earlier this summer.

Now it looks similar Porsche has gone each successful connected electrical bikes, seeking not lone to physique its ain e-bikes but besides to proviso different large manufacturers with the motors, batteries and bundle needed to physique their e-bikes arsenic well.

In doing so, Porsche could beryllium positioning itself arsenic a large rival to e-bike thrust makers like Bosch, Brose, Bafang, Shimano, and Yamaha.

Electrek’s Take

If anyone needed much grounds that electrical bicycles are the adjacent large frontier successful the electrical conveyance space, fto this service arsenic Exhibits A done Z.

It should travel arsenic nary surprise; we’ve watched arsenic electrical bicycle income successful Europe person acold exceeded income of electrical cars. And considering they instrumentality overmuch little effort and worldly to produce, they are becoming an charismatic people for automakers.

Those companies unluckily lone spot the dollar signs (or euro signs, successful this case). But if that’s what it takes to shove automakers towards smaller and much businesslike vehicles, past I’m good with it.

The satellite isn’t going to beryllium saved by much Porsche Taycans connected the road. Hell, it’s astir apt not going to beryllium saved astatine all. But astatine slightest we each basal a overmuch amended accidental if we tin regenerate arsenic galore cars – electrical oregon not – with lighter idiosyncratic vehicles similar bicycles, e-bikes, kickscooters, e-scooters and e-motorcycles.

Why not astatine slightest springiness humanity a warring chance?

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