Police seek man who kidnapped baby while grandmother was outside

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San Jose, California — The FBI has joined San Jose constabulary successful the hunt for a antheral who kidnapped a three-month aged babe from an flat Monday day portion the child's grandma was unloading groceries from a car outside, CBS San Francisco reports.

San Jose constabulary tweeted retired images and video of a antheral fishy seen entering the residence and leaving with the babe successful what appeared to beryllium a bearer covered with a blanket.

** Kidnapping Incident**

Officers are presently moving this incident. The antheral you spot successful these images captured from a surveillance camera entered a residence successful the 1000 artifact of Elm St.

He near with a 3 period aged baby. The household does not admit this suspect. pic.twitter.com/BJ0R44JOP2

— San José Police Media Relations (@SJPD_PIO) April 26, 2022

Early Monday evening, the vicinity wherever the abduction happened was swarming with San Jose constabulary units.

Police said the household doesn't admit the suspect.

The babe was identified arsenic three-month-old Brandon Alexis Cuellar. His household calls him Alexis.

San Jose constabulary said helium was being watched by his grandma portion his parent was astatine work. The grandma had taken the babe into the flat erstwhile she got backmost from buying for groceries.

She went backmost to her car to retrieve much groceries but erstwhile she went backmost inside, Alexis was gone.

Police said his parent was astatine their office providing accusation connected the case. The baby's begetter is presently incarcerated.

Police said they didn't cognize if that played into the kidnapping, but said they would beryllium speaking to him soon.

"Right now, we person each disposable assets not lone retired successful the field, but present astatine the constabulary section moving this case," SJPD Sgt. Christian Camarillo said during a property briefing.

Last Seen: Elm Street and Vermont Street, San [email protected] IF SEEN, CALL 9-1-1 pic.twitter.com/zAuu8No2TX

— CHP - Alerts (@CHPAlerts) April 26, 2022

"She took the babe successful the apartment, went downstairs to unload immoderate groceries [and] successful that abbreviated astir of time, idiosyncratic entered the apartment, you guys (reporters) person the images and the video of this person, and near with the baby," helium said.

A currency reward is being offered for immoderate accusation starring to the harmless betterment of the babe and the apprehension of the suspect.

Authorities were asking for anyone who lives successful the country to cheque their surveillance cameras for video from astir 1 p.m. that mightiness person captured the suspect.

Police besides noted that nary Amber Alert had been issued successful the lawsuit due to the fact that authorities don't person a conveyance statement oregon licence sheet fig to see with the alert.

In the meantime, parents successful the vicinity are holding their children a spot much tightly.

"I person 2 kids, and I consciousness atrocious astir the mother. I request to wage much attraction to my kids they similar to play extracurricular and tally outside," said 1 neighbor.

"As a mother, I tin accidental similar wow I don't cognize however they feel, however the household feel, I can't imagine," Laura Torres told CBS San Francisco.

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