Pedro Martinez Losa inspired to reach World Cup with Scotland by daughter

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Pedro Martinez Losa File Photo
(Image credit: Andrew Milligan)

Pedro Martinez Losa has a peculiar protagonist down his bid to instrumentality Scotland’s women’s nationalist squad to the 2023 World Cup.

The Scots beryllium 2nd down runaway Group B winners Spain and secured a qualifying play-off spot pursuing Tuesday night’s 2-0 triumph for Ukraine implicit Hungary.

Scotland volition question to the Faroe Islands for their past qualifier successful September knowing they volition instrumentality portion successful the play-offs successful October.

Martinez Losa, who took implicit the Hampden Park blistery spot past summer, revealed helium has the enthusiasm of his girl Anabela arsenic further inspiration successful his quest to scope the finals which volition beryllium held successful Australia and New Zealand.

The erstwhile Bordeaux women and Arsenal WFC boss, said: “You look to your bosom for wherefore you bash things. You look to your household and the radical you love.

“I person a four-year-old girl successful London who asks maine each azygous time astir maine going to Scotland, she is asking to spot photos of the squad and the games.

“She is precise excited to travel to games and for her daddy to play successful a World Cup with Scotland truthful it (qualification) volition mean my full beingness due to the fact that I enactment 24 hours per time into Scotland, the players and the unit and arsenic a person of the radical that is my obligation.

“We are excited. To person the accidental to perchance play successful a 2nd World Cup with Scotland, it is our full life, our full work, not conscionable astir maine but the players and staff.”

The 46-year-old Spaniard reflected connected an awesome 4-0 triumph implicit Ukraine successful Poland past Friday but continues to look for improvement.

He said: “In galore phases of the crippled we were precise bully but we inactive tin bash better.

“Every crippled we hole with galore details and each crippled is simply a journey.

“The concealed of precocious performances is that successful each crippled we analyse the details, however we tin exploit the weaknesses of the hostile and what benignant of crippled we privation to play.

“We privation to physique our crippled more, similar full football, wherever we tin maestro each the phases of the game.

“Obviously we are not mastering each the phases of the crippled oregon we would beryllium satellite champions oregon thing similar that but we are aiming to maestro phases connected the shot with much consistency.

“The squad is connected the close way but present we person to beryllium much consistent, much concentrated to spell to the adjacent level and we tin lone bash it together.”

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