Patrick Vieira wants Crystal Palace to aim for more than Premier League survival

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Patrick Vieira believes Crystal Palace should present person loftier ambitions than avoiding relegation and has challenged his squad to decorativeness supra Sunday’s opponents Aston Villa.

The Eagles person enjoyed a good debut run nether the erstwhile Arsenal skipper but backmost astatine the commencement of the play they were among the favourites to spell down fixed it was a summertime wherever seasoned brag Roy Hodgson moved connected and respective experienced unit left.

It has been acold from a transitional play though with Vieira starring Palace to Wembley past period and they could acceptable caller nine records successful the Premier League with six points needed for a champion points tally – portion a ninth-placed decorativeness would beryllium their highest ever successful the division.

“Being successful the Premier League for the past 10 years I deliberation is simply a bully accomplishment but it is important for america to person this benignant of ambition to bash more,” the 45-year-old insisted with endurance officially achieved aft past weekend’s triumph implicit Watford.

“Now we are (established) successful the Premier League, we request to turn our ambition and effort to execute much than conscionable staying successful the Premier League.”

Eleventh-placed Palace are 1 presumption and 1 constituent amended disconnected than Steven Gerrard’s men, who signed Philippe Coutinho permanently from Barcelona successful midweek.

Vieira admitted that was a “massive statement” but wants his Eagles to triumph astatine Villa Park to stay connected way for a top-half finish.

He added: “When you look astatine the endowment that they have, evidently they’re not successful the presumption wherever I judge they should be.

“It’s not conscionable astir finishing supra them, it is astir america finishing the play good and looking astatine ourselves and saying that we maximised the imaginable of the squad and we are wherever we privation it to be.

“So, it would beryllium a truly bully accomplishment for the shot nine to decorativeness successful the apical 10. With the summertime that we went done and past aft that it is astir however tin we turn from that? How tin we amended ourselves? How tin we effort to bring those mates of players to amended the squad?”

The Premier League connected Friday revealed Vieira was up for Manager of the Year portion some Conor Gallagher and Tyrick Mitchell are contenders for the Young Player Of The Year.

Left-back Mitchell has not started the past 3 games but could instrumentality to the line-up aft a insignificant wounded connected Sunday.

It has been a superb run for the 22-year-old but Vieira says the England planetary tin beryllium adjacent better.

“There is simply a precocious content and assurance successful Tyrick’s talent,” the Palace brag said.

“He inactive of people needs to larn astir the crippled and determination are details successful his crippled that helium needs to larn to beryllium better.

“Tyrick is astir assurance and belief. I deliberation determination is inactive a large measurement for him to marque astir believing however bully helium tin beryllium and taking the inaugural connected the field.

“I deliberation that helium tin bring much going guardant to the team, due to the fact that helium has the prime to people goals, to marque assists oregon to marque much crosses. That volition travel with much content and much games helium plays successful the Premier League.”

Vieira besides confirmed connected Friday academy graduates Tayo Adaramola and Jesurun Rak-Sakyi volition get minutes earlier the play finishes.

“We person Jes and Tayo grooming with us,” helium revealed. “They volition beryllium astir the first-team for these 3 games and immoderate of the games they volition beryllium connected the field. We request to springiness and make opportunities for them to spot however they volition respond nether pressure.”

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