Parents arrested after death of Florida toddler allegedly weighing 10 pounds

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Three radical person been arrested aft the decease of a 34-month-old miss who weighed little than 10 pounds, including the toddler's parents.

Her parents, Regis Johnson, 57, and Arhonda Tillman, 35, were arrested Thursday and are being held without enslaved connected kid maltreatment charges, CBS Miami reported. Her uncle, Frank Robinson, 64, who lived successful the aforesaid house, was besides arrested connected charges of negligent kid maltreatment and nonaccomplishment to study kid abuse, according to the station.

Arhonda Tillman and Regis Johnson Arhonda Tillman and Regis Johnson Polk County Sheriff's Office

Polk County, Florida, sheriff's deputies recovered the kid dormant successful an inflatable excavation utilized arsenic a playpen connected Tuesday, according to a merchandise from the sheriff's office. The girl's begetter had called authorities aft helium recovered her "cold to the interaction and not breathing," the sheriff's section said.

Florida's Department of Children and Families had investigated the household for aesculapian neglect starting successful 2019 due to the fact that the kid had been losing value and her parents were not pursuing up with her doctor, authorities said, but the probe had been closed erstwhile the kid gained weight. The girl's pediatrician told investigators her past sojourn had been successful January of 2020, and the bureau had tried to travel up with her parents, authorities said.

frank-robinson.jpg Frank Robinson Polk County Sheriff's Office

Both the child's begetter and parent told investigators they had tried to provender the girl. According to the sheriff's office, Johnson told detectives the miss hadn't wanted to devour implicit the past 2 days, lone taking a fewer bites erstwhile helium tried to provender her. Tillman said successful an interrogation with detectives she attempted to provender the kid a turkey sandwich Monday nighttime earlier bed, but the unfortunate did not privation to eat, the sheriff's bureau said.

Johnson besides told detectives that helium knew his girl was "not gaining value and not processing arsenic normal," and that helium "knew the unfortunate was losing value and was not thriving" and inactive did not question aesculapian attention, authorities said. 

Tillman told detectives determination was a interest the kid whitethorn person had cystic fibrosis. An autopsy performed Wednesday showed determination was nary nutrient successful the child's tummy and she suffered from semipermanent starvation.

Jail records did not database an lawyer for Johnson, Tillman oregon Robinson, CBS Miami reported.

"This is egregious and should ne'er person occurred," said Sheriff Grady Judd connected Thursday, noting determination are resources for parents who bash not privation their child. "Because of the actions of these parents, this small miss volition ne'er person the accidental to turn up."

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