Opinion: Gymnast’s Death from Eating Disorder Still Resonates

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June 1, 2022 -- I’ll ne'er hide that August nighttime successful 1994 erstwhile I sat down successful my Atlanta flat and turned connected the TV aft a agelong time of postgraduate school.

There was my gymnastics coach, Al Fong, talking with the Barbara Walters connected TV astir my ex- teammate Christy Henrich and her decease by malnutrition/anorexia. I was floored astatine the speech and the allegations that Al somehow, arsenic her coach, was liable for her eating upset and consequent death. I, too, had developed anorexia arsenic a young teen, but I fortunately survived and thrived.

Christy was surely our small "E.T. - Extra Tough." We were the commencement of Al’s coaching vocation astatine the Great American Gymnastics Express successful Blue Springs, MO. There were astir 20 of america who started retired with him successful the precocious '70s/early '80s, and we were successful the gym each the time: 6 days a week, 3-4 hours per day.

We were determination during the hottest days, doing conditioning (cardiovascular hell), getting rips connected our hands from bars, falling disconnected the beam, getting bruises, shin splints, and wearing ourselves out. It was immoderate of the hardest enactment I’ve ever done — and the astir fun, rewarding clip of my life. We traveled each crossed Missouri successful that bluish van. We fought, cried, and loved each other. We were a family, and Al was our metaphorical Dad.

Christy was respective years younger than maine and a overmuch amended gymnast than I was. I retrieve her being precise sweet, cute … and pugnacious minded. She was laser-focused connected being a world-class Olympic gymnast. She missed making the 1988 Olympic squad by 0.0188 points.

However, aft this large accomplishment, she began to diminution rapidly into the maddening satellite of eating disorders – utilizing some anorexic and bulimic behaviors. Between the 1988 Olympic Trials and July 26, 1994, Christy mislaid weight, gymnastics, and her life.

A caller communicative successful The New York Times astir gymnastics, eating disorders, and intelligence wellness brought each of this back. The Times recounts overmuch of Christy’s communicative and uses it arsenic a instauration to the problems that person long-plagued women’s gymnastics.

I contacted our coach, Al Fong, astir a week agone to get his position of what happened with Christy during her decline. He remembered that astatine an International conscionable successful 1988 successful Budapest anterior to the Olympic trials, they had luncheon with a well-renowned Olympic judge, Grete Treiber. Treiber told Christy, “You aren’t the close assemblage acceptable for the Olympic team.”

Al said that astatine that moment, some helium and Christy felt “devastated.” It was communal during the 1980s and 1990s that gymnasts’ bodies were gangly and thin arsenic compared to the much muscular stature that we commonly spot successful Olympic gymnasts now. Because Christy had a muscular stature, she started making comments astir the Romanian gymnasts’ bodies and however lean, strong, and muscular they were. Al said she admired them and often commented connected however they walked, looked, and presented themselves. This, according to Al, started her descent. This is what I would telephone a “trigger.”

A twelvemonth aft the Olympics, Christy and Al went to the 1989 World Championships successful Stuttgart, West Germany, wherever she finished 4th connected uneven parallel bars. In reviewing the YouTube videos from that meet, she performed good and looked strong. However, Christy started losing value consistently aft this meet. Others told her however large she looked, and this was capable feedback to substance the occurrence within.

Mental determination, focus, and grit: That’s what it takes to beryllium a great, world-class gymnast. That’s what it besides takes to go a precise sick idiosyncratic with an eating disorder.

The article from The New York Times did a large occupation astatine highlighting immoderate of the factors that are progressive successful competitory sports and eating disorders. This nonfiction utilized Christy’s communicative to speech astir the perils of being successful a athletics that drives radical to beryllium perfect. It besides talks astir changes and maturation successful the manufacture truthful that athletes don’t person to dice trying to win.

I privation to supply immoderate much acquisition connected why: Why bash radical who person specified skill, talent, and determination make specified a deadly disease? It’s successful the premix — there’s not one azygous origin that creates this “monster,” arsenic Christy called it. Rather, it’s a combination:

Biology: The statistic connected intelligence wellness issues and biologic connections are staggering.Mental drive: A halfway content that “I indispensable beryllium perfect” oregon “I indispensable succeed” is inherent successful some issues. This is simply a cardinal origin successful processing and maintaining the thrust to beryllium a large athlete, and successful an eating disorder, peculiarly anorexia.Pain: Whether the root of symptom is ongoing oregon a one-time event, symptom is inherent successful our intelligence drive. This is by acold 1 of the astir almighty parts of being “extra tough.”  Pain tin travel successful the signifier of a physical, sexual, emotional, oregon verbal experience. It tin beryllium passive (being ignored) oregon progressive (“you are fat”) oregon convulsive (as successful abuse). This is the cardinal portion successful the improvement of the ”monster.”

The interplay betwixt these 3 factors tin marque oregon interruption you. If you are successful pain, person a faulty content strategy (for example, believing a prevarication astir yourself), and person the underlying biologic ”stuff,” you volition apt make immoderate benignant of unhealthy narration with thing that you tin misuse oregon maltreatment – whether that is simply a substance oregon a behavioral pattern. Regardless, these 3 elements tin nonstop you down a destructive way that volition and tin destruct your life.

As with Christy, she apt had a operation of these issues. Unfortunately, we volition not cognize what they were. What we bash cognize is that Al stopped grooming her due to the fact that she was truthful sick and helped get her admitted into 3 antithetic residential attraction centers for eating disorders. Unfortunately, Christy checked herself retired of each 3 programs. He sought assistance from the champion successful the manufacture and tried desperately to get her treatment. She simply said no.

I was 1 of Al’s archetypal squad members erstwhile helium founded GAGE successful 1978. My vocation apex was 2nd all-around successful Regionals (seven states). After I near the gym successful May 1983, I developed anorexia and bulimia that November. It was not due to the fact that of Al, gymnastics, oregon feeling “fat.” It was a operation of factors: Addiction runs successful some sides of my family, my parents’ divorce, and not knowing however oregon what to bash with that pain.

I had not 1 but aggregate triggers, and the effect was a 4-year conflict with the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour that “I was not bully capable oregon lovable.”

After respective decades of therapy, including a 6-week hospitalization successful 1984, years of idiosyncratic and radical therapy, and an intensive 5-day programme done the Caron Institute, I was free. I was escaped from the behaviors that consumed me, and this led maine down the way of healing.

I aboriginal obtained a doctorate successful science and founded a nonprofit programme successful 2006, the Manna Scholarship Fund. Manna provides scholarships for the attraction of eating disorders, arsenic good arsenic the underlying trauma that sustains eating disorders.

I person a squad of astonishing women that enactment hard to enactment the idiosyncratic with the eating disorder, the underlying trauma, arsenic good arsenic their families. We fto our clients cognize that their ”stubbornness” is misdirected successful the signifier of an eating disorder, and that they person a communicative to archer and a beingness to unrecorded abundantly.

An eating upset doesn’t person to beryllium a decease sentence, though each 23 hours idiosyncratic does dice from an eating disorder. The earlier that you commencement the betterment journey, the easier it is to heal.

You are worthy it. Your symptom tin beryllium enactment into the past, and you tin determination guardant and conquer immoderate you privation to do. Just bash it.

Put your symptom into a communicative and archer it. Write it. Scream it from the rooftops. Scream retired your pain. Do immoderate you request to bash successful bid to determination it from the wrong of you to the extracurricular of you.

This is wherever the healing is: successful revealing, healing, and sealing the lid connected the past. But you indispensable bash something. Today is simply a large time to start.

Genie Burnett, PsyD, is simply a licensed scientist successful Georgia. She is joined and has 4 astonishing fur babies.