One lawmaker wants to curb AR-15 sales with a 1,000% tax

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One House Democrat has a caller thought for curbing income of semi-automatic weapons similar AR-15s, the benignant of firearm utilized by some shooters successful the massacres successful Uvalde and Buffalo past month. The projected measure places a 1,000% excise taxation connected immoderate benignant of semi-automatic firearm, pushing up the terms of the military-style limb beyond the means of galore imaginable buyers. 

Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia is moving connected a measure present and hopes to present it successful the adjacent fewer days, spokesperson Aaron Fritschner said successful an email to CBS MoneyWatch. The projected authorities does not prohibition these weapons but simply introduces a taxation connected them, which is "a powerfulness intelligibly delegated to Congress nether Article I of the Constitution," helium added.

Additionally, due to the fact that the measure would beryllium a gross measure, it could beryllium introduced done the reconciliation process, which would lone necessitate support from 50 senators, alternatively of the 60 votes needed to walk astir legislation. Only "a elemental majority" would beryllium required to get the measure passed, Fritschner added. 

Even though astir Americans proceed to favor stricter weapon laws, Republican lawmakers person opposed banning semi-auomatic weapons similar AR-15s, which person been utilized successful many wide shootings and whose ammunition travels up to 3 times the velocity of sound. With prices ranging from astir $500 to $2,000, AR-style firearms are affordable for galore consumers.

An excise taxation of 1,000% would mean an summation outgo of $5,000 connected a $500 weapon, and an further $20,000 for a $2,000 firearm. 

"The easiest mode to recognize the basal conception of the authorities Congressman Beyer is drafting is if you ideate taking the Assault Weapons Ban Act of 2021 and changing it truthful that alternatively of an outright prohibition it imposes a 1,000% excise taxation connected manufacturers, producers and importers of the aforesaid items," Fritschner said. 

The measure "would see each of the firearms defined arsenic 'assault weapons' utilizing presumption akin to those successful Congressman Cicilline's Assault Weapons Ban Act," Fritschner said. 

The connection would marque an objection for purchases by authorities entities, specified arsenic federal, authorities oregon section instrumentality enforcement arsenic good arsenic the U.S. military, helium added. 

Sales of military-style firearms

Rifles similar the AR-15 are military-style firearms that are considered semi-automatic weapons, and which were banned from 1994 done 2004. Since the prohibition expired successful 2004, sales of these weapons person increased arsenic weapon manufacturers produced caller types of AR-15s and different assault-style firearms and marketed them arsenic indispensable for self-defense. 

About fractional of each rifles made successful the U.S. oregon imported successful 2018, were AR-style weapons, according to the firearms commercialized radical NSSF.  In 2020, determination were astir 20 cardinal AR-style firearms successful the U.S., the radical said.

Some manufacturers, specified arsenic Daniel Defense, the shaper of the weapon utilized by the Uvalde shooter, person introduced outgo plans to assistance consumers acquisition AR-style weapons successful installments. Daniel Defense offers "buy now, wage later" plans — popularized by companies similar Peloton — to get consumers to pony up for pricey items by breaking down the afloat outgo into overmuch smaller monthly payments. 

For instance, 1 of Daniel Defense's astir costly guns, an AR-15 benignant limb that retails for more than $2,300, tin beryllium purchased for monthly payments of astir $108. With the excise taxation that Beyer intends to propose, that installment outgo could balloon to $1,000 a month. 

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