Olympian Sydney McLaughlin Marries NFL Player Andre Levrone Jr.

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Olympian Sydney McLaughlin joined erstwhile NFL jock Andre Levrone Jr. successful a dreamy wedding ceremonial successful Virginia connected May 6. Find retired much below!

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Sydney McLaughlin and Andre Levrone Jr. are embarking connected their adjacent large adventure: beingness arsenic newlyweds! 

Nine months after getting engaged, the golden medal-winning Olympian, 22, and erstwhile NFL player, 27, tied the knot successful an idyllic wedding ceremonial astatine the Early Mountain Vineyards successful Madison, Virginia connected May 6, according to People.  

"We've been waiting for this time for a precise agelong time," Sydney told the outlet. "So [we're] conscionable excited that it's yet present and we tin accidental that we're married." 

The mates were joined connected their peculiar time by their family and friends, including chap athletes. A fewer of Andre's erstwhile teammates served arsenic his groomsmen, portion Sydney's fellow Olympians and grooming partners were besides successful attendance.  

As they look up to their aboriginal together, Sydney told the outlet that she's astir excited astir "getting to aftermath up adjacent to your champion person and tackle immoderate challenges the time has." 

While Andre revealed he's acceptable to afloat enactment his woman and her way and tract career.  


"I person a imaginativeness successful life, she has a imaginativeness successful life, and we conscionable benignant of merged our visions," helium said. "In this play of life, maine chiefly supporting her and her imagination and her calling, is amusive for me. And conscionable knowing however supportive she is of maine arsenic good and successful the agelong term." 

In fact, Sydney revealed, the mates is waiting until aft the way and tract play to spell connected their honeymoon.

She added, "We're inactive figuring retired wherever we privation to spell and what we privation to do, but we're decidedly not taking that disconnected of the calendar astatine all." 

Two weeks earlier their large day, Sydney and Andre some posted on Instagram a bid of gorgeous engagement photos that featured the mates walking done Greystone Mansion and Gardens successful Beverly Hills, Calif.

"Everyday you situation maine to grow. Comfortable, oregon uncomfortable, I wouldn't person it immoderate different way," Sydney captioned her post. "Can't hold to conscionable you astatine the altar." 

In his ain post, Andre shared his ain excitement for their then-upcoming nuptials.

"Simply put, Andre aft knowing Sydney is acold amended than Andre earlier knowing Sydney," helium wrote. "Can't hold to support increasing successful emotion with you. I'll conscionable you astatine the altar Shmoop!" 

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