Olivia Wilde Receives Mysterious Envelope During Don't Worry Darling CinemaCon Presentation

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Fans were near scratching their heads aft Olivia Wilde was handed an envelope marked "personal and confidential" portion discussing her upcoming film, Don't Worry Darling, astatine CinemaCon.

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What's successful the box envelope?

That's what radical are wondering aft Olivia Wilde was interrupted by a mysterious transportation during a presumption for her upcoming movie, Don't Worry Darling, connected April 26.

As Olivia spoke, an unidentified pistillate stepped to the signifier with an envelope labeled "personal and confidential." The seemingly unscripted incident occurred arsenic the 38-year-old, wearing a velvet suit by Alberta Ferretti, was connected signifier astatine Las Vegas' Colosseum astatine Caesars Palace for CinemaCon.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia—who directed and stars successful the intelligence thriller—was speechmaking from a teleprompter erstwhile a pistillate from the assemblage walked up to her and placed a azygous manila envelope connected the stage.

"This is for me?" she asked the woman. "Is this for me?"

After opening the envelope and scanning the apical leafage of its contents, Olivia thanked the pistillate and resumed her speech, according to the outlet.

The histrion did not uncover what was successful the envelope, leaving galore attendees scratching their heads.

"Was Olivia Wilde served with papers onstage astatine CinemaCon?" IGN editor Jim Vejvoda tweeted. "Some pistillate walked up to the signifier and near an envelope for her. Olivia opened it and past ne'er addressed it and continued connected with her presentation. We were expecting a spot but she ne'er addressed the papers."

In different tweet, Vulture reporter Chris Lee called the speech an "abiding mystery," adding, "Seemed similar she got served a lawsuit!"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for for CinemaCon

Or possibly the envelope contained a emotion enactment to Olivia? After all, the filmmaker did describe Don't Worry Darling as "a emotion missive to movies that propulsion the boundaries of our imagination" during her presentation, according to Variety. Not to mention, her boyfriend Harry Styles also stars opposite Florence Pugh in the flick.

During her presentation, Olivia told the crowd: "I privation you to ideate a beingness wherever you person everything you could want. Not conscionable material, tangible things… similar a beauteous house, cleanable upwind and gorgeous cars. But besides the things that truly matter, similar existent emotion oregon the cleanable spouse oregon existent trusted friendships and a intent that feels meaningful."
Olivia added, "What would it instrumentality for you to springiness up that life, that cleanable life. What are you truly consenting to sacrifice to bash what's right? Are you consenting to dismantle the strategy that's designed to service you? That's the large question astatine the halfway of Don't Worry Darling."

E! News has reached retired to reps for Olivia and Warner Bros. for comment.

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