Olivia Rodrigo Dedicates Song Onstage to Supreme Court Justices Who Voted to Overturn Roe v. Wade

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After the Supreme Court's ruling ending women's law close to abortion, Olivia Rodrigo took to the signifier to responded with a scathing connection and a opus with impermanent performer Lily Allen.

Olivia Rodrigo Talks FULL CIRCLE Moment astatine Grammys 2022

Performing onstage in beforehand of astir 200,000 people, Olivia Rodrigo made her feelings astir the 5 Supreme Court justices who helped overturn Roe v. Wade abundantly clear.

"I privation to dedicate this adjacent opus to the 5 members of the Supreme Court who showed america that astatine the extremity of the day, they genuinely don't springiness a s--t astir freedom," the California-born popular prima said onstage astatine the 2022 Glastonbury Festival successful England connected June 25, a time aft the apical court's 5-4 ballot to reverse the landmark 1973 ruling that established women's law close to termination successful the United States.

Rodrigo continued, "This opus goes retired to the justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. We hatred you."

The singer and impermanent co-performer Lily Allen then launched into a rendition of the British star's 2009 opus "F--k you." Many assemblage members followed Allen's pb to make mediate digit gestures arsenic they sang along.

At the festival, which was streamed unrecorded by the BBC, Olivia told the viewers that she was "devastated and terrified" by the ruling, adding, "So galore women and truthful galore girls are going to dice due to the fact that of this."

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The Supreme Court's decision, portion celebrated by galore radical successful a deeply politically divided United States, spurred nationwide protests and nationalist condemnation from critics, which included a slew of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Padma Lakshmi and Shonda Rhimes.

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And Rodrigo is not the archetypal prima to knock the Supreme Court ruling from the stage. Performing astatine Glastonbury connected June 24, Phoebe Bridgers led the assemblage to chant, "F--k the Supreme Court!" She told the audience, "F--k that shit. F--k America. Like, f--k you. All these irrelevant aged motherf--kers trying to archer america what to bash with our f--king bodies."

And chap Glastonbury performer Billie Eilish said connected the festival signifier that day, "Today is simply a truly acheronian time for women successful the U.S. I'm conscionable going to accidental that due to the fact that I can't carnivore to deliberation astir it anymore successful this moment."

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