Oklahoma passes Texas-style abortion ban

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma House gave last support Thursday to a Texas-style termination prohibition that prohibits the process aft astir six weeks of pregnancy, earlier galore women cognize they are pregnant.

The bill approved by the GOP-led House without treatment oregon statement present heads to Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, who is expected to motion it wrong days. The crackdown connected termination rights is 1 of respective culture-war issues conservatives successful GOP-led states person embraced, similar restricting LGBTQ rights, that thrust the party's basal successful an predetermination year.

A conjugation of Oklahoma termination providers and termination rights advocates instantly filed abstracted ineligible challenges successful authorities tribunal to some the Texas-style prohibition and a abstracted measure Stitt signed earlier this period to marque termination a felony. Legal experts accidental it's apt some measures could beryllium temporarily halted earlier they instrumentality effect.

House members besides voted Thursday to follow caller connection prohibiting transgender students from utilizing schoolhouse restrooms that lucifer their sex individuality and requiring parental notification up of immoderate schoolroom acquisition connected intersexual predisposition oregon sex identity.

"They're each acrophobic astir their elections coming up and making definite they person thing they tin enactment connected a postcard to speech about," said Rep. Andy Fugate, a Democrat from Midwest City.

The termination bill, dubbed the Oklahoma Heartbeat Act, prohibits the process erstwhile cardiac enactment tin beryllium detected successful an embryo, which experts accidental is astir six weeks into a pregnancy. A akin measure approved successful Texas past twelvemonth led to a melodramatic simplification successful the fig of abortions performed successful that state, with galore women going to Oklahoma and different surrounding states for the procedure.

Supreme Court won't accelerate situation to Texas termination lawOpposing sides of termination combat hole to navigate caller scenery aft Supreme Court decision

Like the Texas law, the Oklahoma measure would let backstage citizens to writer termination providers oregon anyone who helps a pistillate get an termination for up to $10,000. After the U.S. Supreme Court allowed that mechanics to stay successful place, different Republican-led states sought to transcript Texas' ban. Idaho's politician signed the archetypal copycat measurement successful March, though it has been temporarily blocked by the state's Supreme Court.

Although Stitt already signed a measure this twelvemonth to marque performing an termination a felony transgression successful Oklahoma, that measurement is not acceptable to instrumentality effect until this summer. But the prohibition approved by the House connected a 68-12 ballot Thursday has an "emergency" proviso that allows it to instrumentality effect instantly aft the politician signs it.

Abortion providers accidental it volition instantly extremity astir abortions successful Oklahoma unless a tribunal intervenes.

"The Oklahoma Supreme Court has repeatedly recovered that the authorities legislature's utmost attempts to restrict termination are unconstitutional, and these bans are immoderate of the astir utmost yet," Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said successful a statement.

A separate bill that uses the Texas-style enforcement mechanics to prohibition each abortions, not conscionable aft cardiac enactment is detected, passed the Senate connected Thursday and heads to the House for consideration. The bills are among much than a half-dozen anti-abortion measures introduced successful the Legislature this year.

"We are much acrophobic astatine this constituent astir these Texas-style bans due to the fact that they have, astatine slightest recently, been capable to proceed and stay successful effect," said Emily Wales, interim president and CEO astatine Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which operates 2 termination clinics successful Oklahoma. "We bash mean to situation those if they're passed, but due to the fact that of the exigency clause provisions, determination would beryllium astatine slightest immoderate play of clip erstwhile we could not connection care."

Before the Texas prohibition took effect past year, astir 40 women from Texas had abortions performed successful Oklahoma each month, according to information from the Oklahoma State Department of Health. That fig jumped to 222 Texas women successful September and 243 successful October, the bureau reported.

"We're serving arsenic galore Texans arsenic Oklahomans close now, successful immoderate cases much Texans than Oklahomans," Wales said.

Tony Lauinger, the president of Oklahomans for Life and a longtime anti-abortion advocator successful the state, said he's optimistic the measurement volition beryllium deemed constitutional.

"It's identical to the measure that was enacted by the Texas Legislature past year, and that measure has passed muster with the United States Supreme Court," Lauinger said. "We are hopeful that this measure volition prevention the lives of much unborn children present successful Oklahoma arsenic well."

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