Oklahoma governor signs nation's strictest abortion ban

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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt connected Wednesday signed into instrumentality the nation's strictest abortion ban, making the authorities the archetypal successful the federation to efficaciously extremity availability of the procedure.

State lawmakers approved the ban enforced by civilian lawsuits alternatively than transgression prosecution, similar to a Texas law that was passed past year. The instrumentality takes effect instantly upon Stitt's signature and prohibits each abortions with fewer exceptions. Abortion providers person said they volition halt performing the process arsenic soon arsenic the measure is signed.

"I promised Oklahomans that arsenic politician I would motion each portion of pro-life authorities that came crossed my table and I americium arrogant to support that committedness today," the first-term Republican said successful a statement. "From the infinitesimal beingness begins astatine conception is erstwhile we person a work arsenic quality beings to bash everything we tin to support that baby's beingness and the beingness of the mother. That is what I judge and that is what the bulk of Oklahomans believe."

Abortion providers crossed the state person been bracing for the anticipation that the U.S. Supreme Court's caller blimpish bulk mightiness further restrict the practice, and that has particularly been the lawsuit successful Oklahoma and Texas.

"The interaction volition beryllium disastrous for Oklahomans," said Elizabeth Nash, a authorities argumentation expert for the abortion-rights supporting Guttmacher Institute. "It volition besides person terrible ripple effects, particularly for Texas patients who had been traveling to Oklahoma successful ample numbers aft the Texas six-week termination prohibition went into effect successful September."

Abortion Restrictions Oklahoma Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt speaks successful April 2022 aft signing into instrumentality a measure making it a felony to execute an abortion, punishable by up to 10 years successful prison. Sue Ogrocki / AP

The bills are portion of an assertive propulsion successful Republican-led states to standard backmost termination rights. It comes connected the heels of a leaked draught opinion from the nation's precocious tribunal that suggests justices are considering weakening oregon overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade determination that legalized termination astir 50 years ago.

The lone exceptions successful the Oklahoma instrumentality are to prevention the beingness of a large pistillate oregon if the gestation is the effect of rape oregon incest that has been reported to instrumentality enforcement.

The measure specifically authorizes doctors to region a "dead unborn kid caused by spontaneous abortion," oregon miscarriage, oregon to region an ectopic pregnancy, a perchance life-threatening exigency that occurs erstwhile a fertilized ovum implants extracurricular the uterus, often successful a fallopian conduit and aboriginal successful pregnancy.

The instrumentality besides does not use to the usage of morning-after pills specified arsenic Plan B oregon immoderate benignant of contraception.

Two of Oklahoma's 4 termination clinics already stopped providing abortions aft the politician signed a six-week prohibition earlier this month.

With the state's 2 remaining termination clinics expected to halt offering services, it is unclear what volition hap to women who suffice nether 1 of the exceptions. The law's author, State Rep. Wendi Stearman, says doctors volition beryllium empowered to determine which women suffice and that those abortions volition beryllium performed successful hospitals. But providers and abortion-rights activists pass that trying to beryllium qualification could beryllium hard and adjacent unsafe successful immoderate circumstances.

In summation to the Texas-style measure already signed into law, the measurement is 1 of astatine slightest 3 anti-abortion bills sent this twelvemonth to Stitt.

Oklahoma's instrumentality is styled aft a first-of-its-kind Texas instrumentality that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed to stay successful spot that allows backstage citizens to writer termination providers oregon anyone who helps a pistillate get an abortion. Other Republican-led states sought to transcript Texas' ban. Idaho's politician signed the archetypal copycat measurement successful March, though it has been temporarily blocked by the state's Supreme Court

The 3rd Oklahoma measure is to instrumentality effect this summertime and would marque it a felony to execute an abortion, punishable by up to 10 years successful prison. That measure contains nary exceptions for rape oregon incest.

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