Officials warn of counterfeit designer products ahead of Mother's Day

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Shoppers beware of counterfeit products online

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United States Customs and Border Protection warned consumers of scammers selling counterfeit decorator products up of Mother's Day. According to the agency, handbags, wallets, apparel, footwear and jewelry are among items astatine the highest hazard of being counterfeited. 

"Still haven't decided what to get ma for Mother's Day? Don't conscionable prime the archetypal net hunt due to the fact that you whitethorn beryllium ordering knockoff earrings," CBP Chicago tweeted.

Using E-Commerce to bargain your Mom her Mother’s Day gift? Make definite you bargain from a reputable dealer. Louisville CBP seized these fake Guccis heading to a residence successful Atlanta. If real, these would’ve had a MSRP of $702K. Know what your buying earlier you embarrass Mom with a fake.

— CBP Chicago (@CBPChicago) May 2, 2022

The informing comes arsenic CBP officials proceed to observe counterfeit products arriving successful the U.S. from overseas. On April 25, customs officers seized 2 ample shipments containing 65 fake handbags that arrived connected flights from China and the Philippines. The purses included brands similar Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Hermes and Goyard, and were connected their mode to residents successful California. 

Import specialists determined the handbags violated CBP's trademark and copyright codes owed to their prime and packaging. If they were real, the purses would person had an estimated retail terms of $166,045, according to CBP.

Earlier connected April 4, officials seized a shipment from the Philippines with 2 ample Hermes beverage sets connected their mode to a nonmigratory successful Texas. Based connected the sets' quality and packaging, import specialists deemed the items counterfeit. They would person had an estimated worth of $4,000 had they been real. 

On May 2, customs officers successful Louisville announced a seizure of a shipment of fake Gucci purses worthy an estimated $702,000 had they been real. And connected May 6, Louisville officials seized 2,038 Chanel earrings that would person been worthy an estimated $509,000 were they authentic.

Ahead of Mother's Day, erstwhile consumers are expected to walk a total of $31.7 cardinal connected gifts, officials recommended consumers wage adjacent attraction to the prime of items purchased and bargain goods straight from trademark holders oregon from authorized retailers. 

CBP warned that counterfeit products person a antagonistic interaction connected the U.S. economy, tin beryllium unsafe for consumers and whitethorn enactment scammers' transgression enterprises specified arsenic quality trafficking and wealth laundering.

"Play it harmless and bargain ma the existent woody for her peculiar day," CBP said. 

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