O'Rourke to Abbott at Uvalde presser: "You are doing nothing"

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O'Rourke interrupts Abbott property league

Beto O'Rourke interrupts Greg Abbott property conference 06:21

Texas Democratic gubernatorial campaigner Beto O'Rourke interrupted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott during a property league successful Uvalde aft the mass shooting that near 19 children and 2 adults dead. 

Abbott said helium would beryllium passing the microphone to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, erstwhile O'Rourke stood up. "You are doing nothing," O'Rourke said, adding that the shooting was "totally predictable" due to the fact that weapon laws were not strengthened pursuing different shootings successful the state. 

Beto O’Rourke confronts Gov. Abbott successful the mediate of a property league connected the Uvalde schoolhouse shooting, saying, "The clip to halt the adjacent shooting is close present and you are doing nothing."

In response, officials connected signifier telephone him a "sick lad of a b—h" and constabulary escort him out. pic.twitter.com/0YsQp3ZNTO

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 25, 2022

Patrick told O'Rourke to "sit down ... you're retired of enactment successful an embarrassing encounter" and called connected O'Rourke to permission the auditorium. 

"I can't judge you're a sick lad of a b**** to travel to a spot similar this to marque a governmental issue," Patrick shouted implicit O'Rourke. 

Law enforcement officers appeared to escort O'Rourke retired of the quality league afterward. CBS News' Janet Shamalian said it appeared that immoderate radical had saved seats for O'Rourke.

After O'Rourke was escorted out, Abbott did not code the incidental straight but called for unity, saying that "every Texan, each American has a work wherever we request to absorption not connected ourselves and our agendas, but we request to absorption connected the healing and anticipation that we tin supply those who person suffered unconscionable harm to their lives and nonaccomplishment of life."

"We request each Texans successful this infinitesimal successful clip to determine to idiosyncratic agendas, deliberation of idiosyncratic different than ourselves, deliberation of idiosyncratic who has been wounded and assistance idiosyncratic who has been hurt," helium continued.

After O'Rourke left, helium told reporters, "these kids died due to the fact that the politician of the authorities of Texas, the astir almighty antheral successful the state, chose to bash nothing."

"After each 1 of these, helium holds a property league conscionable similar this – and I privation to hellhole erstwhile helium came to El Paso that idiosyncratic would person stood up and held him to relationship and confronted him and shocked the conscience of this authorities into doing something," O'Rourke said. "Because if we bash nothing, we volition proceed to spot this. Year aft year, schoolhouse aft school, kid aft kid. This is connected each of us, each azygous 1 of america to bash something."

During his failed statesmanlike tally successful 2019, O'Rourke was an outspoken advocator for weapon power measures. A erstwhile congressman, O'Rourke represented El Paso, wherever a gunman changeable and killed 23 people

After that shooting, O'Rourke memorably said during a statesmanlike debate, "Hell yes, we are taking your guns" astir AR-15s. Abbott and different instrumentality enforcement officials stated Wednesday that the shooter successful Uvalde used an AR-15.

Before O'Rourke's interruption, Abbott called for solutions to the intelligence wellness situation successful Uvalde, though helium besides said that the shooter had nary known past of intelligence illness. Abbott said section officials told him that "we person a occupation with intelligence health, illness, successful this community." 

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