Numerology 101: Everything to Know About Your Life Path Number

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Why, yes, the beingness does person your number.

If you've ever wondered wherefore definite numbers proceed to amusement up successful your life—like often seeing the timepiece onslaught 11:11 oregon buying a location connected the 11th of the 11th month—then we're present to archer you that these numerical messages aren't a coincidence.

Similar to the signifier of astrology, numerology is simply a almighty strategy that dates each the mode backmost to ancient Greece and is founded connected the rule that everyone is assigned a Life Path Number from 1 done nine.

"Your numerology and astrology overgarment a bigger representation of who you are and how to honor yourself," astrologer and psychic manager Esoterica Esa told E! News successful an exclusive interview. "It's truthful casual to get disconnected path, but let numerology to bring you backmost connected course."

She explained that erstwhile you observe your Life Path Number, it doesn't conscionable uncover your characteristics but it helps you recognize your soul. By moving with numerology, you're capable to unlock your magic and spiritual practices.

Don't rather recognize what that means conscionable yet? Totally fine. With Esoteric Esa's guidance, let's dive into the basics and meaning down numerology, shall we?

How bash you cipher your Life Path Number?

"All you request is your day of birth: the month, the day and you perfectly request a year," Esoteric Esa advised. "Think of it as a mathematics formula where we privation everything to beryllium a azygous digit."

Here, she shares the breakdown of the birthdate: Dec. 9, 1989.

"First, adhd the month. And if you person a double-digit month—October, November, December—you'll add them together. For December (12), it would be: 1 + 2 = 3.

Next, we calculate the day. For the 9th, you would add: 0 + 9 = 9. 

Lastly, adhd each fig of the commencement twelvemonth 1989 together. 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27. To get a azygous digit, the sum fig of 27 is past reduced to 2 + 7 = 9.

Finally, calculate each 3 numbers from the commencement month, time and year: 3 + 9 + 9 = 21. Finally, we add 2 + 1 = 3 and scope a Life Path Number 3."

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What are Master Numbers?

When it comes to numerology, there are a fewer double-digit numbers that do not request to beryllium reduced into a azygous digit. These are known arsenic Master Numbers and they are lone the numbers: 11, 22 and 33. If your birth month, commencement day oregon commencement twelvemonth includes immoderate of these 3 numbers, they enactment arsenic is. So, if you were calved connected July 11, 1997, you would permission the day the aforesaid and cipher the remainder until you scope a azygous digit by adding each of the sums together: 7 (for the period of July) + 11 (the date) + 8 (the twelvemonth aft it's calculated into a azygous digit) = 26. Then, 2 + 6 = 8. 

Since the root of numerology successful past Greece, doubles of 1, 2 and 3 were believed to beryllium the triangle of enlightenment. Esoterica Esa explained that radical with Master Numbers person a "sense of spiritual superiority."

"Master Numbers are a small spot much special," she said. "These radical are older souls, person a batch of contented and are calved with a precise peculiar ngo that they indispensable fulfill successful this lifetime. This is wherefore they're a Master Number due to the fact that they person much impact."

What does each Life Path Number mean?

Now that you've calculated your Life Path Number and person the lowdown connected Master Numbers, Esoteric Esa described what each digit truly means.

Life Path Number 1: "Since these radical are astatine the opening of the numerology cycle, we consider them to beryllium precise self-focused. They also person to larn however to judge successful themselves and beryllium empowered because those are the keys that activate their senses. They're leaders, they're ambitious, they're innovators and they're visionaries. They thin to find themselves successful enactment positions."

Life Path Number 2: "These radical are precise compassionate and person a large consciousness of judgment. They usually find themselves in careers that let them to enactment with others like in law oregon societal work. Why? Because two is the vigor of the duo: it represents national and partnership. They're nurturers, ace empathetic, socializers and decidedly doers—and that's what makes them truly bully people-people. All successful all, Life Path 2 radical are invested successful humanity."

Life Path Number 3: "These radical are the astir originative of the full numerology bunch. They're the writers of society, the philosophers and large thinkers. They're solution-oriented and precise intuitive. But due to the fact that they're truthful conscientious with energy, it's important for Life Path 3 radical to marque sure they're in tune with themselves and taking attraction of their bodies."

Life Path Number 4: "These are the radical you privation connected your squad due to the fact that they cognize however to delegate. They're besides large leaders due to the fact that they person a large consciousness of character. Life Path 4 radical are going to beryllium boots connected the ground, successful the ungraded and successful the trenches with you. This makes them incredibly hard workers and their enactment is their fig 1 precedence successful this lifetime. They're precise consistent, not unpredictable and precise direct. What you spot is what you get."

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Life Path Number 5: "These radical are free-spirited, emotion escapade and are each astir caller experiences. And due to the fact that the 5 vigor goes beyond the 4 corners, they request their freedom and independency and cannot consciousness restricted. They grant their individuality and request to person a spouse that gives them their space. Life Path 5 radical are usually freelancers oregon enactment for themselves successful immoderate capableness due to the fact that their clip and vigor are invaluable to them."

Life Path Number 6: "Six successful numerology is the vigor of success, love, equilibrium and abundance. Life Path 6 tin person a atrocious rap due to the fact that successful Christianity the fig is associated with the devil but it's really not that astatine all. Six amplifies your quality to manifest. It's besides a fig associated with the satellite and Greek Goddess Venus, truthful Life Path 6 radical are nurturers, charismatic and business-savvy. Others thin to naturally similar you due to the fact that they find you beauteous from the wrong retired and privation to assistance you succeed. Moreover, Life Path 6 radical are chameleons, they tin spell into immoderate environment, immoderate concern and adapt."

Life Path Number 7: "These radical person been done a batch but they flooded arsenic well. They're the underdog and tin beryllium accident-prone, but they're besides creator and spiritual. And that's what makes them special. They're large astatine sharing their wisdom, offering proposal and making a immense impact. They're similar Renaissance people, translating what's happening successful popular civilization and creating thing from it due to the fact that they person a precise heavy perspective. But they bash request clip to recharge and spell done periods of isolation."

Life Path Number 8: "These radical judge successful luxury, the quality of beingness and investing successful themselves. But they person to equilibrium materialism with spirituality due to the fact that erstwhile you're a Life Path 8, you're present to execute a batch and acquisition an abundance of wealthiness and prosperity. These radical bash large moving successful the concern assemblage of finance, backstage banking and existent estate. They person an excessive property but are besides large givers. They're the benignant of radical that volition instrumentality their friends connected a paid cruise to the Bahamas."

Life Path Number 9: "These radical are each astir extremity goals and releasing—those are the themes of their life. And Life Path 9 radical ever consciousness a consciousness of urgency because, connected a subconscious level, they're thinking this is their past lifetime. They cognize they request to bash thing fulfilling. These radical are besides precise connected to quality and spirituality due to the fact that they person brainsick beingness experiences that leads them down this path. They whitethorn find themselves moving with children, animals or outdoors. They're present to assistance different radical and stock their inspiration to bring airy into the world. Ultimately, Life Path 9 is astir enlightenment."

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How does numerology correlate to astrology?

"Astrology and numerology correlate unneurotic successful that planets and natal charts incorporated numbers," Esoterica Esa noted. "When an astrologer looks astatine your chart, they measure what grade the planets are sitting astatine and that tells america other information to assistance america further differentiate your prima sign."

As she pointed out, "If we were some Cancer suns, but the determination of the prima successful my commencement chart is sitting astatine 10 degrees and yours is astatine 29 degrees, the numerology of the degrees helps america understand our antithetic powerfulness points and the antithetic ways we operate."

How tin you usage your Life Path fig arsenic a instrumentality oregon resource?

"The Life Path Numbers are expected to assistance you with your purpose," said Esoteric Esa. "If radical request clarity oregon request to re-align themselves, knowing your Life Path Number and what it represents volition assistance you recognize characteristics astir yourself. It can also assistance you recognize what you're not alert of and what you privation to manifest."

She added, "Ultimately, it tin assistance you empower yourself."

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