Northrop Grumman delivers 100,000th GPS-guided kits for artillery shells

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U.S. defence contractor Northrop Grumman has announced the transportation of its 100,000th GPS-guided precision limb kit to upgrade accepted 155mm artillery to a level of accuracy that approaches adjacent precision.

“We’re celebrating the transportation of 100k Precision Guidance Kits,” Northrop Grumman said successful a Twitter post.

The Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) is simply a modification battalion that turns accepted 155mm artillery into a near-precision shell. It provides the accuracy and reliability of the archetypal capableness updated for the aboriginal battlefield.


The summation successful ratio that PGK’s capableness provides allows operational commanders to prosecute assigned targets and rapidly execute desired effects portion minimizing collateral damage.

PGK provides improved occurrence enactment to the maneuver unit commandant done efficaciously reducing people transportation mistake of accepted artillery munitions. It besides reduces the fig of projectiles required to execute a occurrence mission.

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