NIU launches futuristic-looking electric moped that’s half e-bike, half e-motorcycle

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Electric mobility institution NIU has conscionable launched 1 of the sleekest looking airy electrical motorbikes we’ve seen successful years. But earlier you get excessively excited, we should enactment that the caller NIU SQi is archetypal launching successful the company’s home marketplace of China.

A institution insider could lone archer Electrek that timing for an overseas motorboat of the NIU SQi was “TBD”.

Even so, you couldn’t beryllium blamed for already getting excited implicit the design.

While the signature NIU halo headlight is there, the remainder of the motorcycle makes a stark departure from NIU’s emblematic plan scheme. Most of the company’s electrical mopeds could beryllium described much arsenic “cute” oregon “welcoming” with their rounded designs and flowing lines.

But the NIU SQi is downright sci-fi looking. If the Terminator needed a airy electrical motorcycle, this is what he’d ride.

That being said, the assertive look of the SQi goes lone arsenic heavy arsenic the assemblage panels, astatine slightest successful the Chinese marketplace version.

Local laws that specify electrical bicycles and bounds their max velocity to 25 km/h (15 mph) person neutered the SQi into a fast-looking but slow-riding two-wheeler.

“Electric bicycle?” you whitethorn beryllium asking. Yep, that’s close – take a look close beneath wherever the NIU SQi’s swingarm meets the frame. That’s a acceptable of bicycle pedals cleverly camouflaged away. They’re conscionable acold capable backmost to astir apt beryllium ace awkward to use, and conscionable acold capable into beingness to support the SQi ineligible arsenic an electrical bicycle and not classified arsenic an electrical motorcycle.

For anyone who wants to beryllium escaped of the hassles of licensing, insurance, registration and different drags that travel on with centrifugal conveyance ownership, that’s a clever workaround. But for those that privation precocious velocity and precocious power, you’ll apt privation to instrumentality with NIU’s existent electrical motorcycle, the NIU RQi.

niu sqi electrical  moped

The remainder of the specs are besides much befitting of an electrical bicycle than an electrical motorcycle.

The rear hub centrifugal is listed arsenic a humble 400W, though that’s astatine slightest the continuous powerfulness rating. The highest powerfulness output is apt higher.

The artillery is 48V and comes successful either a 20Ah (960 Wh) oregon 24Ah (1,152 Wh) option. They supply a claimed 65 to 75 km (40 to 47 mile) range, respectively. The batteries are removable for charging disconnected of the bike, and NIU is good known for its prime artillery packs.

The NIU SQi besides inherits a fig of different NIU features, including connectivity done the company’s smartphone app. That means riders tin usage GPS to find their motorcycle arsenic good arsenic instrumentality vantage of artillery monitoring, conveyance diagnostics and settings – each remotely controlled from the rider’s phone.

There are a heap of different features arsenic well, but to beryllium honorable I’m not wholly definite what they are. The product page is written successful Mandarin, and I’ve gotten astir arsenic acold arsenic I tin spell with Google Translate.

What I tin much easy stitchery are the prices, which scope from RMB 8,999 to RMB 9,599 (approximately US $1,330 to US $1,420).

From the images, the motorcycle besides looks alternatively tiny for a motorcycle, putting it much successful e-bike geometry territory. It’s apt akin successful size to thing similar a Super Soco TC-series airy electrical motorbike, which volition person it feeling much similar an electrical bicycle beneath you and little similar a 500+ lb electrical Harley.

The NIU SQi is evidently designed for the section Chinese market, astatine slightest successful its existent form. But the motorcycle is surely excessively sleek and awesome looking to walk the remainder of its beingness stuck astatine pedal motorcycle speeds.

We person to ideate that it is lone a substance of clip earlier NIU brings the SQi to planetary markets. And erstwhile it does, higher speeds volition beryllium connected the table.

A institution insider confirmed to Electrek that a 45 km/h (28 mph) apical velocity is simply a anticipation successful planetary markets, making the SQi a street-legal people 3 electrical bicycle successful the US oregon a velocity pedelec successful overmuch of Europe.

The plan is different absorbing introduction successful the fractional electrical bicycle, fractional electrical motorcycle space. We’ve seen plentifulness of companies nutrient motorcycle-inspired electrical bicycles lately, and we’ve adjacent seen e-bikes that look similar bicycles but would beryllium amended classified arsenic motorcycles.

Google Translate tells maine that it says “unparalleled attitude”

What bash you deliberation of the NIU SQi’s plan and features?

Let’s perceive your thoughts successful the remark conception below.

And portion we each collectively hold for the remainder of the satellite to get entree to this awesome small electrical moped, instrumentality a gander astatine NIU’s larger electrical motorcycle and different accelerated electrical scooters successful my video sojourn with the company, seen below.

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