Nikki Plans a Spooky Baby Shower in Hilarious Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Preview

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Nikki Glaser Wants to Throw Sister Lauren a Baby Shower

Baby showers are meant to observe caller life, not terrify guests.

Nikki Glaser wants to propulsion her sister, Lauren Green, a babe ablution successful E! News' exclusive Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? preview, adjacent though she knows small to thing astir readying one.

"My sister, Lauren, she's 2 years younger than me. She is the astir beauteous idiosyncratic I know," says Glaser successful a confessional. "She chose a wholly antithetic way successful life. She's joined to an astonishing guy, Matt. They person 2 kids together, a 3rd connected the way."

And portion their mom, Julie Glaser, ever assumed her girls would person kids 1 day, Nikki's vocation ever seemed to travel first.

"I'm 37 and I archer dick jokes for a living," she joked, "and americium presently trying to get backmost with an ex-boyfriend who I've been disconnected and connected with 8 years."

Julie introduces her girl to the conception of a "baby sprinkle"—a babe ablution for idiosyncratic who's already had a kid—and Nikki is connected board. Though the comedian has ne'er attended her sister's erstwhile showers, her ma has got it each covered.

Talking astir the babe ablution she planned for Lauren's archetypal child, lad Arlo, Julie says, "It was truly fun. I had it. I blew up these unreality balloons, and past I had small babies successful onesies floating astir the room."


Nikki asks her mom, "Didn't they look similar shade babies?" to which Julie responds that they did.

"I've been proceeding astir these 'ghost babies' since their inception," Nikki says successful a confessional. "My ma seems to person had immoderate acerb flashbacks that are hitting her up aboriginal successful life."

Julie doesn't attraction if her spooky infants creeped radical out, revealing she kept each of them. Always down for a bully laugh, Nikki begs her ma to "please bring the shade babies" to the shower.

Nikki jokes successful a confessional, "She likes terrifying enactment guests, apparently."

Check retired the afloat clip above.

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