Nike honors Serena Williams with building named after the tennis star

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Serena Williams is known for her bonzer expansive slam bequest — she has 23 titles, to beryllium exact. Now her bequest has been cemented successful a 1-million-square-foot gathering astatine Nike's office successful Beaverton, Oregon. 

In an Instagram post Wednesday, Williams said it was a puerility imagination of hers to person a gathering astatine Nike. 

"When I was conscionable a kid, I visited the Nike field and I saw that athletes get buildings," she wrote to her 14.6 cardinal followers. "After that visit, I knew I wanted 2 things: to beryllium a Nike jock and to person a building."

She besides shared that having her ain gathering is "beyond an honor," saying she had chill bumps from seeing the effect of her "blood sweat and galore tears, galore trophies."

"Can you judge it? I person a BUILDING Y'ALL!!! This is CRAZY!!!" she concluded.

The Serena Williams Building, the largest connected Nike's campus, includes a 140-seat theatre named aft her girl Olympia. 

According to Nike, the company's design, insights and product-merchandising teams volition enactment unneurotic successful the caller space. The building's tripartite operation is inspired by Williams' greatness, and it references the goddess Nike's wings.

"The full gathering takes your enactment away," Williams shared successful the Nike property release. "Every element, everyplace you go, is an accidental to beryllium inspired. I anticipation this gathering encourages radical to bring retired the champion of themselves and to imagination bigger than they thought possible."

The LEED Platinum-certified Serena Williams Building demonstrates Nike's committedness to championing athletes.

"Architecture has agelong been a originative catalyst for Nike," said John Hoke, Nike's main plan officer, successful the property release. "A manifestation of signifier and relation pursuing footprint, this gathering embodies Serena's bequest arsenic a unit for affirmative change."

Only a fewer pistillate athletes person buildings named aft them connected the campus, including two-time Olympic golden medalist shot subordinate Mia Hamm and long-distance runner Olympian Joan Benoit Samuelson.

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