New bodycam footage shows moments after fatal "Rust" shooting

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New assemblage camera video released by the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office shows the frantic moments aft histrion Alec Baldwin allegedly discharged a weapon connected the acceptable of "Rust," sidesplitting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. 

The video shows Baldwin holding the weapon earlier the tragic incidental arsenic good arsenic the aftermath of the shooting, with Hutchins connected the crushed surrounded by archetypal responders. 

Photos of the weapon and Baldwin's hands aft the shooting were besides released. 

Baldwin is seen telling 2 officers aft the shooting that helium didn't propulsion the trigger of the 45-caliber prop weapon portion rehearsing the scene, and that helium didn't cognize who enactment a unrecorded circular successful the weapon. 

"I instrumentality the weapon retired and arsenic the tube clears, I crook and cock the weapon and the weapon goes off," Baldwin said. 

The video besides shows manager Joel Souza lying connected the ground, injured by the aforesaid slug that killed Hutchins. 

A separate report astir the moving conditions connected the "Rust" acceptable recovered that the film's absorption "knew that firearm information procedures were not being followed connected acceptable and demonstrated plain indifference to worker information by failing to reappraisal enactment practices and instrumentality corrective action."

Baldwin was besides a shaper connected the film, but helium doesn't blasted himself for the accident. 

"I consciousness that idiosyncratic is liable for what happened and I can't accidental who that is, but I cognize it's not me," helium antecedently said. 

Investigators said they are inactive waiting for telephone records and ballistic accusation successful bid to implicit the transgression investigation. 

Baldwin has not been charged. 

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Omar Villafranca

Omar Villafranca

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