Neo-Nazi Asov Regiment Is Leading the Kharkiv Offensive in Ukraine, Former Blackwater Group Involved

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Azov Regiment troops airs with captured Russian conveyance successful Kharkiv region; source: Azov Kharkiv Telegram channel

US media and politicians are celebrating the Ukrainian violative successful the portion northbound of Kharkiv. What they neglect to notation is the information the Ukrainian battle is being spearheaded by the neo-Nazi Asov Regiment.

“Soldiers of the Azov Kharkiv Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the 14th Mechanised Brigade named aft Prince Roman the Great liberated and cleared the full northeast of Kharkiv Oblast, from the colony of Vesele to the metropolis of Vovchansk”, Ukrainska Pravda reports, citing the Telegram Channel of the Azov Kharkiv SOF: “Complete de-occupation of areas of Ternova, Varvarivka, Izbytske, Staritsa . The authorities borderline has been taken nether control.”

Russian online quality tract Lenta reports that mercenaries from Academi (formerly Eric Prince’s Blackwater) are besides progressive successful the Kharkiv offensive, citing Russian state-owned VGTRK tv writer Andrey Medvedev. “There is accusation that PMC (Private Military Company) Academi is actively progressive successful the cognition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the erstwhile Blackwater,” Medvedev said.

Independent sources person confirmed the claims. Gateway Pundit has reached retired to Academi proprietor Constellis Group for comment.

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Medvedev noted the PMC operators could see not lone Americans, but besides citizens of different countries, including erstwhile subject and constabulary officers from South America arsenic good arsenic Ukrainians, citizens of the republics of the erstwhile USSR and Eastern Europeans, Lenta writes.

The Azov Regiment was agelong decried successful occidental media arsenic a neo-Nazi militia, until the Russian penetration of Ukraine, erstwhile they were abruptly white-washed arsenic conscionable different portion of the Ukrainian military. Congress banned US arms aid to the Azov Regiment successful 2018.

A 2016 report by the Foundation for the Study of Democracy for the OSCE accused the Azov Regiment of systematically torturing prisoners.

A study by Amnesty International August 2022 accused Ukrainian forces of “putting civilians astatine hazard and violating the laws of war.” Amnesty besides accused Russian forces of committing warfare crimes successful the country of Kharkiv.