Need Some Sun? 5 Sunniest Places to Head Right Now

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Did you cognize that a shortage of sunshine tin permission you feeling debased and moody? 

It mightiness beryllium thing you thought your grandma utilized to accidental to get you retired successful the garden. But getting a boost of vitamin D connected a sunny time is fantastic for our intelligence health, leaving america feeling much energetic and positive!

With that successful mind, it’s clip to publication your adjacent vacation. And what amended mode to get a regular dose of vitamin D than booking a destination that volition connection guaranteed sunshine?

To help, we’ve enactment unneurotic this database of the sunniest places in the world. 

Marbella, Spain

Marbella sits successful the aptly named Costa Del Sol, connected the confederate extremity of Spain. With implicit 3000 sunny hours per year, Spain has agelong been 1 of the astir fashionable destinations for a sun-filled holiday.

Marbella has plentifulness to connection those looking for a bustling and glamorous European destination. There are beauteous achromatic stretches of soil and beauteous sportfishing ports.

Marbella is simply a fantastic enactment for nightclubs and bars for those seeking plentifulness to bash aft sunset. You mightiness adjacent privation to put successful spot retired successful Marbella. You tin observe more info connected that here. 

Perth, Australia

It’s nary astonishment Australia makes it onto the database of sunny destinations. And the westbound seashore of Australia is simply a fantastic enactment for your adjacent vacation, with the beauteous metropolis of Perth offering arsenic galore arsenic 3200 hours of sunshine each year. 

Perth’s many miles of coastline connection the cleanable Instagram picture with airy achromatic sand, turquoise bluish waters, and surf-friendly waves to bask connected those sunny days. 

San Diego, California

Sunshine, glamour, beauteous coastline, and the accidental to spot the unusual celebrity: what’s not to emotion astir California?

San Diego is simply a cleanable sunny option, southbound of the much bustling Los Angeles. And this gorgeous metropolis boasts astir 150 days of sunshine per year. 

San Diego, of course, is location to the world-famous zoo of the aforesaid name. You tin walk respective days discovering immoderate of the world’s astir fascinating and uncommon animals.

Protaras, Cyprus

If you’ve ne'er visited Cyprus’s tiny but beauteous island, determination it higher up connected your list. This gorgeous and charming destination has tons to connection a traveler looking for sunshine passim the year. 

The tiny municipality of Protaras is connected the eastbound broadside of the island. It has galore bars, fantastic restaurants, large hotels, and beautiful sandy beaches.

It’s besides adjacent to the much celebrated Ayia Napa for those wanting to enactment until the aboriginal hours. 


It’s intolerable to defy the propulsion of Mauritius erstwhile you spot picturesque shallow turquoise waters and swaying thenar trees. Imagine yourself successful a hammock, successful the sun, surrounded by the gentle dependable of the waves from the Indian Ocean. 

Mauritius is 1 of the champion examples of a tropical paradise. If you are readying a once-in-a-lifetime abrogation (such arsenic a honeymoon), you’ll privation to person this beauteous land apical of your list.

The galore luxurious, beach-fronted hotels and resorts volition marque you consciousness pampered similar royalty. 

The Sunniest Places successful the World: Which Is Your Favorite? 

Faced with the database of the sunniest places successful the world, you lone person 1 challenge: uncovering the cleanable abrogation for you. Are you aft glamour, nightlife, culture, oregon a stress-free tropical paradise? 

If you are undecided, caput to our cities conception for much inspiration.