Ne-Yo Shares How He & His Wife Crystal Renay Overcame Their Marital Struggles

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Ne-Yo's New Single Is an Open Letter to His Wife

The COVID-19 pandemic was pugnacious connected couples, and that includes Ne-Yo and his wife.

The "Because of You" vocalist talked astir his marital struggles woman Crystal Renay successful an exclusive interrogation with E! News' Daily Pop.

At 1 constituent portion quarantining, the mates recovered themselves "considering divorce," Ne-Yo said. But by having "really uncomfortable conversations," the 2 emerged stronger than ever.

"As a quality being, it's conscionable existent difficult, particularly with idiosyncratic that you emotion and you attraction for. You attraction astir however they feel," helium told hosts Justin Sylvester and Loni Love. "So, to archer them thing astir themself that they whitethorn not enjoy, it's hard to bash that, connected apical of it being hard to perceive astir yourself."

Their narration difficulties are astatine the halfway of his caller song, "Don't Love Me," which helium wrote during the pandemic. Calling the opus an "open letter" to Crystal, Ne-Yo confessed that sometimes it's easier for him to explicit his feelings done music.

"It's precise casual to beryllium considerate and passionate and each these things via a opus due to the fact that that is virtually 3 minutes of a lifetime," helium said. "It's a full different happening to beryllium a hubby to idiosyncratic and to woody with the ups and downs and black, white, and gray, of what emotion is successful that aspect."

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He continued, "It's antithetic than what it is successful a song. You know, the opus is gonna springiness you the item reel of it, the champion parts of it. But reality, it's not ever pretty. The prima ain't ever shining. But you request it to rainfall truthful you tin admit erstwhile the prima comes back."

The brace celebrated their caller commencement with a gorgeous, rose-filled vow renewal successful April 2022. The do-over made up for their archetypal wedding's galore mishaps.

"She was 9 months pregnant, truthful we didn't adjacent truly get to walk excessively overmuch clip astatine the reception due to the fact that we coiled up astatine the hospital," Ne-Yo said astir their February 2016 wedding. "Our archetypal creation was expected to beryllium to "I Only Have Eyes For You" from The Flamingos. They played "I Only Have Eyes For You" from Frank Sinatra. It was the incorrect song."

At slightest this clip the mates got to celebrate with their 5 kids: Madilyn, 11, Mason, 10, Schaffer Jr., 6, Roman, 3, and newest summation Isabella, who they welcomed in June 2021.

The euphony video for Ne-Yo's "Don't Love Me" is retired now.

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