Navy SEAL candidate's mother blames Navy for his death

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Manalapan, N.J. – There are calls for betterment aft a New Jersey autochthonal died grooming to go a U.S. Navy SEAL.

The parent of Kyle Mullen, a Navy SEAL campaigner who died aft completing "Hell Week," says the Navy's aesculapian negligence resulted successful her son's death, CBS New York reported Monday.

Regina Mullen calls her lad Kyle her champion friend. The 24-year-old was afloat of beingness and was determined to service his assemblage erstwhile helium enrolled successful the Navy.

"When helium was retired there, helium was happy. He said helium made the champion determination of his life," Mullen said.

After becoming a seaman successful 2021, Kyle Mullen was grooming arsenic a SEAL candidate. On Feb 4, aft helium completed what's known arsenic "Hell Week," an aggravated portion of training, helium called his mom.

"He's similar 'I did it Mom! I completed Hell Week,' and I was truthful blessed for him," Mullen said. "And helium sounded truly bad. He couldn't breathe."

Her lad died a fewer hours later, she said. 

Mullen said she's been told by radical who were determination that erstwhile her lad was successful distress, the Navy aesculapian squad was not available. By the clip 911 was called, it was excessively late.

"If helium was medically monitored, to me, determination is nary question my lad would beryllium live today," Mullen said.

Autopsy results person yet to beryllium released, but the registered caregiver believes her lad died from a signifier of pneumonia caused by rigorous workout connected onshore and successful water.

To marque matters worse, Mullen said she was precocious sent an urn with her son's ashes that had the incorrect initials. During Easter weekend, she received a $3,200 measure for her son's aesculapian expenses.

Mullen said the Navy has told her the measure was an mistake and has sent her a caller urn.

She says her lad had nary anterior aesculapian information and his decease is simply a tragedy. Now, she's calling for much aesculapian monitoring for SEAL candidates during and aft training.

"I request radical held accountable ... Who authorized the aesculapian squad to spell home? Why didn't they answer?" Mullen said. "Why aren't they each medically checked for astatine slightest 24 hours aft what they person endured?"

She besides wants an autarkic probe done and for her son's autopsy results to beryllium expedited.

The U.S. Navy issued the pursuing connection to CBS New York:

Naval Special Warfare continues to widen our deepest condolences and afloat enactment to the Mullen family.

Multiple autarkic investigations are ongoing into the circumstances surrounding Seaman Kyle Mullen's death. Until the investigations are complete, it is inappropriate to speculate connected the origin of decease oregon contributing factors.

Naval Special Warfare is committed to harmless assessment, enactment and grooming of the Navy's commandos successful defence of the United States of America and to beryllium stewards of the peculiar spot the American radical spot successful our force.

However, aft Mullen died, the radical said helium was not actively grooming astatine the clip of his death.