Navy corruption scandal mastermind "Fat Leonard" captured in Venezuela

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A subject contractor who served arsenic the designer down the "Fat Leonard" Navy ungraded has been captured successful Venezuela after helium went connected the lam earlier this month, the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed to CBS News Wednesday night.

Leonard Francis, who goes by the nickname "Fat Leonard," was detained connected an Interpol reddish announcement astatine Simon Bolivar International Airport successful Caracas portion boarding a formation to Cuba, the U.S. Marshals Service told CBS News.

Leonard had been nether location apprehension successful San Diego, and was days distant from being sentenced, erstwhile helium cut disconnected his ankle bracelet successful aboriginal September and fled.

U.S. Marshals had believed Leonard had fled southbound into Mexico aft cutting disconnected his monitoring bracelet.

Francis was archetypal arrested successful San Diego successful 2013 and pleaded blameworthy successful 2015 to offering $500,000 successful bribes to Navy officers. In exchange, the officers passed him classified accusation and adjacent went truthful acold arsenic redirecting subject vessels to ports that were lucrative for his Singapore-based vessel servicing company. Francis, according to prosecutors, overcharged the U.S. subject by $35 cardinal for his company's services.

According to his 2015 plea agreement, Francis identified 7 Navy officials who had accepted bribes and acknowledged paying disconnected officials with hundreds of thousands successful cash, arsenic good arsenic luxury goods worthy millions. He supplied them with prostitutes and Cuban cigars, luxury travel, Spanish suckling pigs and Kobe beef. Officials received spa treatments, top-shelf alcohol, decorator handbags, leather goods, decorator furniture, watches, fountain pens, ornamental swords and handmade vessel models, according to tribunal documents.

Over 30 Navy officers and contractors person either been convicted oregon pleaded blameworthy to charges related to Francis' services.

At times weighing successful astatine much than 400 pounds, Francis was colloquially known arsenic "Fat Leonard."

Francis was nether location apprehension since astatine slightest 2018 and nether the supervision of a national agency, Pre-Trial Services, that monitors defendants who are retired of custody until sentencing. Prior to his disappearance, helium had been scheduled to beryllium sentenced astatine the extremity of September, and faced up to 25 years down bars.   

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