Natalie Portman Saw Chris Hemsworth at Pickup at Their Kids' School and Hilarity Ensued

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For astir parents, picking up your kids aft schoolhouse is simply a comparatively straightforward experience—well, unless you're Natalie Portman or Chris Hemsworth, that is.

The Black Swan actress, 41, shared that when she was filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, she erstwhile spotted her co-star, 38, attempting to prime up his kids during the after-school unreserved without being noticed.  

"Chris' kids, for a play of the shooting, came to municipality and went to the aforesaid schoolhouse arsenic my kids," Natalie said connected the June 24 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! "One day, we ended up astatine schoolhouse prime up astatine the aforesaid clip and I conscionable felt truthful atrocious for him." 

While the actress—who is ma to lad Aleph, 11, and girl Amalia, 5—acknowledged that Chris is "really celebrated everywhere," she explained that origin is multiplied exponentially successful his location country.

To stay undetected, Natalie watched Chris effort to fell down a histrion until his kids—daughter India, 10, and duplicate sons Tristan and Sasha, 8—arrived but was "unable to, obviously" fixed his fame.   

Reflecting connected the moment, the Marvel actress jokingly told impermanent big Sean Hayes, "It felt similar immoderate weird sitcom of the superheroes astatine school pickup, you know?"  

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Thankfully, Natalie shared that it was a occupation that she didn't personally acquisition herself.

"I'm tiny and tin benignant of camouflage with the moms," she said. "Then helium comes successful and it's similar a Greek deity walking through!"  

The actress, who is reprising her relation arsenic Jane Foster successful the upcoming Marvel film, revealed that her children are particularly looking guardant to seeing her pick up Thor's hammer Mjolnir and alteration into the God of Thunder herself.

"They're truly excited astir it," she shared. "It's beauteous chill to person thing that my kids are truly thrilled about, due to the fact that usually they're conscionable similar ‘Don't spell to work, Mommy.' Now, they're like, ‘Go spell go go!'" 

In fact, her girl is truthful delighted she adjacent purchased her mom's enactment figure.  

"My girl got her own! She went with her nanny the different time and got the doll from the store and came location with it," Natalie said. "She's been moving astir with it going like, ‘Super mommy!' Which made maine very, precise excited." 

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