Naomi Judd Honored at Memorial Service 2 Weeks After Her Death

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Naomi Judd Dead astatine 76: Country Stars Pay Tribute

The state euphony community honored the beingness and bequest of Naomi Judd with music.

Friends, household and chap artists gathered at Nashville's legendary Ryman Auditorium connected May 15 to wage tribute to the precocious vocalist astatine a nationalist memorial. The service—hosted by Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts—aired unrecorded connected CMT successful a peculiar titled Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration.

Early successful the ceremony, Wynonna Judd, who on with her precocious parent was fractional of the state duo The Judds, sang "River of Time." Later, she paired up with Brandi Carlile for a duet of "The Rose," recreating the band's signature mother/daughter harmonies.

Among the different musicians paying tribute successful opus to Naomi were Brad Paisley, Carly Pearce, Ashley McBryde, Little Big Town, Jamey Johnson, Emmylou Harris and Allison Russell.

In an particularly touching moment, state vocalist Martina McBride read a Maya Angelou transition to the crowd, portion Bette Midler, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Reba McEntire, Salma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon and Morgan Freeman all offered heartwarming testimonials.

Towards the extremity of the telecast, actress Ashley Judd joined Wynonna connected signifier and the sisters exchanged a playful banter, sharing their favorite memories of their parent and what Wynonna described arsenic their "dysfunctional family."

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"Let's speech astir what a sultry azygous mama she was," she joked to Wynonna astatine 1 point. "Enough of this emotion stuff. "She could beryllium evil" 

She continued, "She enactment america successful the backmost of a U-Haul. Why did we get pulled over? Are we telling that communicative oregon are we not telling that story?"

While Wynonna, 57, didn't decorativeness the silly anecdote, her small sister admitted, "She was a small wacky but she loved us."

Naomi's husband, Larry Strickland, who helped signifier the celebration, joined the daughters connected signifier and reminisced astir Naomi's kindness, saying the precocious prima "never met a stranger."

"Much to my displeasure, she would commencement a speech with anybody who made oculus interaction with her," helium said, adding that this would often pb to 30-minute conversations with fans "about their passions and their dog."

Wynonna, joined by her section Christ Church choir, past closed retired the lawsuit by singing The Judds' hit, "Love Will Build a Bridge."

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Naomi's death at the property of 76 was announced connected April 30. In a statement posted to Instagram, Ashley shared she and Wynonna "lost our beauteous parent to the illness of intelligence illness."

During an interrogation with Diane Sawyer that aired connected Good Morning America May 12, Ashley, 54, disclosed however Naomi took her ain beingness astatine location successful Tennessee.

"Mother utilized a firearm," Ashley said. "So that's the accusation we're precise uncomfortable sharing but recognize that we're successful a presumption that if we don't stock it idiosyncratic other is going to."

Naomi died 1 time earlier The Judds' induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The philharmonic duo had besides announced successful April that they'd planned to embark connected their last circuit successful September.

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"When we're talking astir intelligence illness, it's precise important to beryllium wide and marque the favoritism betwixt our loved 1 and the disease," Ashley told Diane. "It's precise real…it lies, it's savage, and you know, my mother, our mother, couldn't bent connected until she was inducted into the Hall of Fame by her peers. I mean, that is the level of catastrophe of what was going connected wrong of her due to the fact that the obstruction between—the respect successful which they held her couldn't penetrate her bosom and the prevarication the illness told her was truthful convincing."

The Double Jeopardy prima urged anyone struggling with their intelligence wellness to scope retired for help. "I privation to beryllium precise cautious erstwhile we speech astir this contiguous that for anyone who is having those ideas oregon those impulses to speech to someone, to share, to beryllium open, to beryllium vulnerable," she said. "There is simply a National Suicide Hotline."

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize needs help, delight telephone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline astatine 1-800-273-TALK (8255).