Mysterious armed robot tank spotted in Israel

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A prototype of an unmanned mini-tank fitted with 30mm cannon was spotted successful Israel.

Twitter idiosyncratic Caesar posted a photograph of a mysterious combat conveyance being towed connected the backmost of a trailer connected a nationalist road. It is believed that the equipped robot vessel that was spotted is nary different than the BLR Mk2 wheeled unmanned crushed conveyance with an unmanned turret equipped with a 12.7mm dense instrumentality weapon and a 30mm automatic cannon.

The caller unmanned crushed conveyance features a unsocial design. The distant combat conveyance builds astatine the basal of the BLR robotic conveyance by BL – Advanced Ground Support Systems.


As noted by the company, BLR is an ongoing improvement project, for an unmanned crushed vehicle.

Unknown Israeli AFV oregon UGCV with turret from Eitan IFV

— Caesar (@Ninja998998) May 3, 2022

The BLR offers utmost crushed mobility, coupled with “drive by wire” technology, giving ngo power the quality to power the conveyance successful a escaped power circuit.

The 6×6 thrust configuration, utilizing hydro-static hub motors allows for unprecedented obstacle negotiation, ranging from 1,500 mm measurement climb, to a 1,000 mm unfastened ditch crossing. Individual Hydro-pneumatic suspension arms let for a 610 mm suspension travel, and the quality to change thrust tallness and thrust stiffness “on the fly”, implicit the power bus.