My Experience With the Marukan ACV Challenge

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We are an authoritative ambassador for Marukan. Marukan provided america with merchandise samples for the intent of this post, arsenic good arsenic compensation for our time. As always, each opinions expressed are our own.

The wellness benefits of pome cider vinegar aren’t precisely caller — and I don’t mean that successful the consciousness that you’ve astir apt been proceeding astir it for a fewer years. Sure, it’s made headlines, often arsenic a portion of “detox diets” and the like, but if that’s the grade of your ACV knowledge, fto maine situation you to larn a small more.

Way backmost successful past Greece, astir 400 B.C, Hippocrates prescribed ACV, mixed with a small honey, arsenic a remedy for things similar coughs and colds. And since then, it’s been utilized to combat infections, negociate humor sugar, and — astir absorbing to me, personally — amended digestion due to the fact that it contains probiotics.

While my tummy isn’t terribly sensitive, toward the extremity of 2020, I realized it was … well, let’s accidental it was acting a small much rebellious each greeting than usual, and I wasn’t definite why. Was it stress? (Entirely possible!) Had my eating habits changed? (Probably — I’d gotten beauteous bushed of cooking every. single. day.) Was it thing else? (Could beryllium — digestive issues tally successful my family.)

So, arsenic 2021 kicked off, I began implementing a fewer changes designed to soothe my stomach. I switched from a mesh filter to a insubstantial filter for my java to trim the acidity of my greeting joe, I chopped retired weekday booze and stuck to conscionable a solid oregon 2 for the occasional play blessed hour, and, successful February, I began the Marukan ACV 24 Day Challenge — which turned retired to beryllium the easiest alteration imaginable.

As longtime readers know, present astatine FBG we are all astir focusing connected the bully things you tin adhd successful erstwhile trying to amended your health, alternatively than looking astatine what you request to reduce, truthful knocking backmost an ounce of Marukan’s ACV each day? Can do!

And that proved particularly casual to bash acknowledgment to their caller Marukan Organic Apple Cider & Rice Vinegar Drink Blend, which is the world’s archetypal blend of pome cider vinegar and atom vinegar with conscionable 1 gram of sweetener per serving. Whereas axenic ACV should beryllium diluted earlier drinking, Marukan’s ACV Drink Blend tin beryllium consumed arsenic a 1-ounce changeable requiring nary mentation oregon mixing — and I rapidly recovered myself craving it each morning. It’s sharply sour, of course, being made with vinegar, but the blend offers conscionable capable sweetness to springiness it benignant of a kombucha vibe. It’s besides tasty successful smoothies; I peculiarly enjoyed it mixed successful with frozen pineapple, frozen banana, kale, caller ginger, and a splash of OJ, adding conscionable capable h2o to it to assistance it blend nicely.

But smoothies aren’t the lone benignant of look wherever ACV works well. In fact, the Marukan ACV 24 Day Challenge calendar (which you tin save and print for yourself) includes recipes utilizing their ACV Drink Blend and their caller Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for chickenhearted thighs, Waldorf salad, beef and broccoli. And the recipes connected their website spell good beyond that, offering everything from Instant Pot-friendly recipes to sushi to marinades and more.

That being said, the look I’ve gone backmost to implicit and implicit again is 1 that besides supports my extremity to devour little booze. I’d been beauteous into shrubs and switchels for a while, but had lone ever ordered them erstwhile retired astatine a restaurant. (Which means, of course, that I hadn’t had 1 successful rather immoderate time. Thanks, 2020!)

As I looked into mocktails that could easy instrumentality the spot of a post-work solid of wine, I rapidly realized that the switchel was a cleanable option.

After tinkering astir with a mates of recipes, I recovered my perfect switchel concoction:

2 Tablespoons Marukan ACV1/2 spoon crushed gingera blob of chromatic (probably astir a tablespoon, though if you similar sweet, usage more!)8 oz. nine sodasqueeze of lime

Just beryllium definite to disturbance it up thoroughly; I service excavation implicit ice, and spot maine erstwhile I accidental it’s truly a treat.

Now, thing other I’ve learned connected this ACV travel is that the type of pome cider vinegar you usage truly does matter. If it’s wellness benefits you’re looking for, you privation to instrumentality to raw, unfiltered options that see “the mother;” filtering and heating vinegars causes them to suffer the proteins, enzymes, and affable bacteria that marque them truthful bully for us. And since Marukan has a 370-year Japanese vinegar brewing bequest nether its belt, I consciousness assured erstwhile the marque says that their ACV products, made from fresh-pressed apples grown successful the U.S., deed each these marks — and, connected apical of that, are gluten-free, calorie-free and fat-free, arsenic good arsenic certified organic, Non-GMO and Kosher.

As I adjacent the extremity of my 24 time challenge, the archetypal happening that comes to caput is that I don’t really privation it to end. Fortunately, I don’t person to halt present — I tin support taking my greeting ACV Drink Blend shot, mixing ACV into smoothies, and, of course, enjoying the occasional switchel successful the backyard for blessed hour. (Seriously, I’ve started looking much guardant to that than a solid of wine.)

I won’t accidental my digestion is perfect, but the betterment is notable. Without going into detail, let’s conscionable accidental that my tummy feels amended successful general, I’m experiencing little bloating, and mornings are … much predictable. And sure, I’ve made a fewer changes truthful I can’t chalk it each up to the ACV Challenge, but I’m comfy giving it immoderate credit, for sure. Between that betterment and the information that I legitimately bask the taste, I deliberation you tin telephone maine a convert. I’m surviving that ACV beingness and I don’t privation to spell back!

Have you ever gotten into the ACV habit? What benefits did you experience? Learn however you tin instrumentality the Marukan ACV 24 Day Challenge here! –Kristen