Most lucrative prize in world football – Play-off winner to get at least £170m

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Nottingham Forest v Huddersfield Town – Emirates FA Cup – Fifth Round – City Ground
(Image credit: Nick Potts)

Victory successful Sunday’s Sky Bet Championship last could beryllium worthy astatine slightest £170million to either Huddersfield oregon Nottingham Forest arsenic they conflict for “the astir lucrative prize successful satellite football”.

Analysis carried retired by Deloitte’s sports concern radical suggests aboriginal revenues for the victors could emergence to successful excess of £300million implicit the adjacent 5 seasons if they negociate to clasp their new-found Premier League presumption astatine the archetypal attempt, thing lone 5 of the past 10 winners person achieved.

The projected figures item the disparity betwixt finances betwixt English football’s apical 2 divisions, the taxable of recommendations for fairer organisation successful Conservative MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led reappraisal of the crippled successful this state and a large absorption for English Football League president Rick Parry.

Tim Bridge, a manager successful the sports concern group, said: “Wembley this play is big to the lucifer with the astir lucrative prize successful satellite football.

“Following a fiercely contested season, the victor of Sunday’s Championship play-off last volition locomotion disconnected the transportation having secured further aboriginal revenues of astatine slightest £170million.

“Promoted teams payment from sizeable fiscal gains which tin present caller subordinate signings, stadium improvements and more.

“However, whilst a constrictive bulk of clubs promoted to the Premier League implicit the past decennary survived their archetypal season, fractional of the play-off last winners person not.

“Hence the victor of Sunday’s crippled volition look the situation of maintaining the excitement of fans, arsenic good arsenic balancing fiscal stableness successful the coming months.

“This Sunday’s crippled holds the cardinal to re-entering the top-flight of English football, but the harder conflict is to come: staying successful it.”

Deloitte’s appraisal is based connected the estimated summation successful commercialized and matchday revenues for the play-off last winners implicit 3 seasons of astir £90million, mostly owed to income from the Premier League broadcast deal, and the full parachute payments – Parry has argued for their abolition – to which they would beryllium entitled should they beryllium relegated immediately, different £80million.

That 2nd fig is possibly peculiarly applicable with QPR, Norwich, Hull and Fulham doubly having enjoyed lone single-season stays successful the apical formation successful the past decade.

Huddersfield, who finished 3rd successful the Championship this season, dispensed with Luton successful the semi-finals, portion fourth-placed Forest got the amended of Sheffield United.

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