Morgan Boyes: Settling in at Livingston has been easier than expected

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Morgan Boyes File Photo
(Image credit: Nick Potts)

Livingston defender Morgan Boyes feels helium is adapting good to beingness aft Liverpool.

The 21-year-old moved to the cinch Premiership nine connected a imperishable declaration successful January instantly aft ending his agelong relation with the Anfield club.

Despite being incapable to marque the people astatine Liverpool, Boyes viewed his determination to Livingston arsenic a affirmative measurement successful his vocation and is delighted with the mode things person gone truthful far.

“I’ve recovered the modulation of leaving Liverpool and coming present easier than I expected,” helium said.

“I’ve slotted successful straightaway. I’ve lone been present a abbreviated clip but I’ve been getting to grips with the mode everything is present and it’s been bully truthful far.

“I wouldn’t accidental determination was a disappointment astatine leaving Liverpool but evidently I’d been determination for a precise agelong time, since I was 7 years old, truthful it was conscionable a lawsuit of moving connected to thing new. It came to the constituent successful my vocation wherever I needed to determination connected and effort and get elder games determination else.

“The main happening I wanted erstwhile I decided to travel present was to get a bully tally of games and get first-team acquisition astatine a precocious level. If I tin bash that implicit the adjacent mates of years, playing week in, week retired astatine a precocious level, it past looks bully connected my CV.”

While Liverpool are 1 of the apical teams connected the satellite astatine present, Livingston – presently seventh successful the Premiership – are viewed arsenic a squad punching supra their value conscionable to stay successful Scotland’s apical formation nether the shrewd absorption of David Martindale.

“We spell into astir games arsenic the underdog but we cognize ourselves that’s not true,” said Boyes up of Saturday’s location lucifer against St Johnstone.

“When we spell connected to the transportation we cognize we tin beryllium that wrong.

“In the dressing-room there’s a large ambiance and we each instrumentality together. The gaffer and Nicky Devlin are large connected that but everyone plays a portion successful it.”

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