Monkeypox in Europe: Where it is and how authorities are reacting

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U.S. has vaccines for monkeypox outbreak

U.S. officials hole to merchandise monkeypox vaccines arsenic much cases emerge 05:07

London — The European Union's infectious illness bureau has recommended that EU subordinate states reappraisal the availability of smallpox vaccines successful their countries for imaginable prophylactic usage successful the look of rising monkeypox cases. On Tuesday, the nationalist wellness authorities successful Denmark and France recommended that radical who person been straight exposed to a confirmed monkeypox lawsuit beryllium vaccinated, and the U.K. wellness authorization has made a akin recommendation.

Monkeypox and smallpox are intimately related, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an existing smallpox vaccine is "at slightest 85% effectual successful preventing monkeypox."

Smallpox was eradicated successful 1980, but stockpiles of vaccines person been maintained astir the satellite to support against a imaginable resurgence. There is besides a newer vaccine against some smallpox and monkeypox, which was approved by the FDA successful 2019.

In a study published Monday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said the smallpox vaccine could beryllium considered arsenic a prophylaxis, oregon preventative measure, for those who person been exposed to monkeypox, but that idiosyncratic risks and benefits should beryllium assessed and "important accusation connected the usage of presently disposable smallpox vaccines is missing for groups astatine accrued hazard for terrible disease."

Officials impulse nationalist to stay calm arsenic much monkeypox cases are investigated successful the U.S. 02:15

The ECDC said antivirals could beryllium different imaginable attraction enactment for terrible cases. It did not urge wide vaccination of full populations to forestall the dispersed of monkeypox, which requires overmuch person interaction for transmission than COVID-19, for example.

"The mode smallpox was eradicated was not done wide vaccination of everybody, but what we telephone ringing vaccination, wherever you place who has monkeypox, oregon successful the aged days smallpox, who has been successful interaction with them, and you vaccinate each those radical who person been successful interaction - not the wide public," infectious illness specializer Dr. Celine Gounder told CBS News connected Tuesday.

"Countries should update their interaction tracing mechanisms, their diagnostic capableness for orthopoxviruses and reappraisal the availability of smallpox vaccines, antivirals and idiosyncratic protective instrumentality (PPE) for wellness professionals," the ECDC said it its report.

Germany has ordered 40,000 doses of the newer smallpox and monkeypox vaccine, according to reports. The country's authorities wellness agency, the Robert Koch Institute, has recommended that radical who declaration monkeypox and their adjacent contacts self-isolate for astatine slightest 3 weeks.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said astatine a Wednesday quality league that portion "it is important to instrumentality pugnacious and pre-emptive action" aboriginal against the spreading contagion, German officials didn't expect the fistful of cases confirmed successful the state to turn into an epidemic.

This is simply a "known microorganism and we cognize however to combat it," Lauterbach said.

U.S. investigates much cases of suspected monkeypox 02:12

There person been reported cases of monkeypox, which is endemic successful parts of cardinal and westbound Africa but uncommon successful different parts of the world, in the U.S., U.K., Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and 9 European Union subordinate states, including Belgium, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

The ECDC says "monkeypox does not dispersed easy betwixt people" and that astir cases successful the existent outbreak person had mild illness symptoms, though determination is thought to beryllium a hazard of much terrible illness successful immoderate susceptible groups, including large and immunosuppressed radical and young children.

The European wellness bureau said the wide hazard to the broader colonisation remained "low," portion radical with aggregate intersexual partners were astatine "moderate" risk.

So far, the World Health Organization has registered much than 250 suspected and confirmed infections. The bulk of the cases person been reported successful men who person enactment with men, and the WHO has highlighted the risk of intersexual transmission of monkeypox successful particular.

"I deliberation it's atrocious luck, frankly, that we're seeing this dispersed successful men who person enactment with men," Gounder told CBS News. "You person to deliberation astir these arsenic ample societal networks... Sexual enactment is simply a signifier of adjacent contact. It's not that this is simply a microorganism that's specifically dispersed done intersexual contact, but you're going to person adjacent interaction if you're having intersexual enactment oregon dancing astatine a rave successful precise adjacent interaction together."

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