Mom, sister of slain lacrosse player testify: "I'll never see her again?"

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The parent of a erstwhile women's lacrosse subordinate astatine the University of Virginia broke into tears during her grounds Thursday arsenic she described the infinitesimal erstwhile she learned her girl was dead.

Sharon Love said she thought astatine archetypal that her girl had been successful a postulation accident, adding that she ne'er thought Yeardley Love would beryllium murdered, WVIR reported.

Sharon Love, the head of her daughter's estate, has filed a wrongful decease suit against George Huguely, who was convicted of second-degree execution successful the 2010 sidesplitting of Yeardley Love, his on-again, off-again girlfriend. Huguely, who besides played lacrosse astatine UVA, took the basal Wednesday successful his lone time wrong the Charlottesville courtroom.

love.jpg Yeardley Love, center, with her sister Lexie and parent Sharon. CBS Baltimore

The suit seeks $29.5 cardinal successful compensatory damages and $1 cardinal successful punitive damages.

Yeardley's sister and brother-in-law besides testified Thursday. Lexie Love Hodges said that erstwhile she got the telephone of her sister's decease she thought, "That's it? I'll ne'er spot her again?" and said erstwhile she archetypal met Huguely she thought "he was sloppy."

Lexie's husband, Jamison Hodges, said it was "nonstop bawling" successful the days aft Yeardley's death.

Members of the assemblage besides became affectional arsenic they listened to the testimony.

Closing arguments successful the trial, which began Monday, are expected adjacent week.

Love's family spoke to CBS Baltimore in 2013 astir their loss.

"You support reasoning and believing that this isn't real. Just a small feeling successful the backmost of your caput that she's going to locomotion done the door," her sister Lexie said.

"How is she dead?"

Jurors in Huguely's 2012 first-degree execution trial viewed a constabulary interrogation video that was recorded hours aft Love's assemblage was recovered successful her apartment.

"I person to archer you something," Det. Lisa Reeves told Huguely aft helium had answered questions astir the night's events. "She's dead. You killed her."

"She's dead? How is she dead?" Huguely asked repeatedly. "Please, delight archer maine she is not dead."

"George, I privation I could, but I can't bash that. She's 22-years-old and the life's gone retired of her," Reeves said.

Before uncovering retired Love was dead, Huguely told constabulary successful his video-taped connection that erstwhile helium went to spot his erstwhile woman the nighttime of her decease helium told her to "chill out" and "shook her a little."

"We were conscionable going to talk," Huguely told the serviceman successful the video.

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