Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu Recalls Breaking Down Over Comments on Her Weight Gain

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Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu is opening up astir being bullied online owed to changes successful her body. Find retired what she said astir a caller value gain.

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Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu got candid astir being bullied online after gaining weight.  

As she told People successful an Aug. 4 interview, "I decidedly broke down truthful galore times."

The 2021 Miss Universe victor shared that although she personally doesn't mind her weight fluctuation since winning backmost successful December, the harassment she's received online has been hard to travel to presumption with. 

"Physically I person benignant of grown, got much pounds and accrued my weight, which I americium wholly comfy astir close now," the 22-year-old said. "I was bullied for gaining weight."

Harnaaz said that the absorption she received aft her value summation was jarring. "It was benignant of uncomfortable and truly astonishing for maine to spot however radical started having their opinions, which should not truly matter," she explained. "It's not astir however you look, it's astir who you are from wrong and however you dainty radical and what you judge in."

As the contention day got person backmost successful 2021, the model prioritized her fare and workout successful an effort to instrumentality location the crown. 

"I was truly focused towards my extremity and I was [not] reasoning astir my health," she admitted. "The full clip we were moving out, doing truthful galore activities, and conscionable aft winning, I had astir a period conscionable to relax."

Once the quality pageant was over, she made antithetic manner choices that didn't absorption connected the dense workout sessions she antecedently did. 

"During that time, I really didn't enactment out, and I was conscionable eating and conscionable enjoying that clip with my family," Harnaaz said. "I ne'er realized that it would commencement showing connected my body."

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When the Miss Universe winner noticed that radical online has immoderate unkind words astir her body, it had a negative effect connected her intelligence health. 

Admitted to People that she had breached down galore times, she shared it would sometimes occur "in the astir unexpected times." "I'm conscionable astir to spell connected signifier oregon thing and this full happening comes successful my mind," Harnaaz said. "It's truly sad."

Now, her mindset has shifted arsenic she learned to judge that "it's good to cry" and "feel sad." Moving forward, she's hoping her story will inspire others to instrumentality backmost power of their assemblage representation and clasp self-love.

"We each are imperfect," Harnaaz told the outlet. "We request to recognize that there's a constituent wherever we recognize that we request to clasp our flaws and erstwhile you bash that, you tin conquer thing successful this world."

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