Mishael Morgan Becomes First Black Woman to Win Lead Actress Award at Daytime Emmys

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Mishael Morgan made past astatine the 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Young and the Restless star, 35, picked up the trophy for Lead Actress successful a Drama Series astatine the June 24 ceremony, making her the archetypal Black histrion to triumph a Daytime Emmy in the pb acting category.

"I was calved connected a tiny land successful the Caribbean, and I'm present lasting connected an planetary signifier and I americium being honored careless of the colour of my skin, careless of my passport, for being the champion astatine what I do," she shared successful her acceptance speech. "Now determination are small girls astir the satellite and nary substance what the industry, the vocation, they tin strive to beryllium the best."

She continued, "I request to convey the fans and everybody sitting astatine home. They embraced maine erstwhile I came connected this amusement and I americium truthful immensely arrogant of our generation."

In 2013, Morgan was formed arsenic Hilary Curtis connected the long-running CBS soap opera. She near the bid successful 2018 and past returned a twelvemonth aboriginal to play her erstwhile character's shade arsenic good arsenic Amanda Sinclair, her long-lost twin.

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Upon winning her Daytime Emmy, the Trinidadian-Canadian histrion received a standing ovation from the audience.

"We are breaking solid ceilings near close and halfway and I americium truthful honored to beryllium a vas and to acquisition this moment," she added. "Everybody retired determination today, we tin bash this happening called equality and unity together."

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