Miranda Lambert on her new album "Palomino," and singing truth

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Miranda Lambert connected her caller album, "Palomino"

Miranda Lambert connected her caller album, "Palomino" 07:51

If songwriters are calved not made, past Miranda Lambert was calved with conscionable a small extra. Her dependable tin beryllium arsenic brushed arsenic the sunsets successful her autochthonal Texas … and it tin besides beryllium conscionable arsenic big.

"Ever since I started out, I conscionable was a small left-of-center, always, like, of immoderate was benignant of fashionable astatine the time," Lambert told analogous Lee Cowan. "I had my ain style, and sometimes it didn't acceptable successful that lane that was the accelerated track.  It made my roadworthy longer astatine definite times successful my career."

I've seen El Paso erstwhile the entity was connected fire
Lost a nighttime successful Juarez a mates of times
Danced with a cowboy connected a consecutive tequila high
I privation I was successful his arms tonight.

It's hard to reason with the way she's ridden. Lambert has won much Country Music Awards than different woman, topping it each disconnected successful March with the biggest prize: the Academy of Country Music's 2022 Entertainer of the Year Award – lone the ninth pistillate to ever person that honor. In accepting the grant she said, "This 1 goes retired to each the singer-songwriter girls retired determination that are putting their blood, sweat and tears into their guitar strings.  We did it! This is for us!"

2022 CMT Music Awards Miranda Lambert performs astatine the 2022 CMT Music Awards, April 11, 2022. Jon Morgan/CBS via Getty Images

She told Cowan, "Every clip I spell to marque a caller grounds oregon constitute a caller song, I privation to effort to constitute a amended opus than I wrote past time, but besides enactment truly existent to the truth. Because that's however I got here."

"Does it alteration the mode you attack music?" asked Cowan.

"I deliberation it has. I besides deliberation just, successful wide like, I came retired with, like, guns blazing, 'Kerosene,' each this vigor and this, like, feistiness."

Well, I'm givin' up connected emotion 'cause loves fixed up connected me
Now I don't hatred the 1 who left
You can't hatred idiosyncratic who's dead
He's retired determination holdin' connected to someone
I'm holding up my smokin' gun

Miranda Lambert - Kerosene (Official HD Video) by mirandalambertVEVO on YouTube

"I inactive person each of that, but I conscionable don't person to beryllium arsenic large astir it and bash it arsenic often, you know?" she laughed.

Her euphony isn't the lone spot wherever Lambert is putting her uniquely state stamp connected things. She's opened her ain edifice successful downtown Nashville, Casa Rosa, with a decidedly feminine flair.

Before, she said, "It was precise dude-ish." Now, determination is simply a batch of pink. But if you deliberation that's excessively girly to pull existent cowboys, see this: "If the guys are smart, they'll recognize this is wherever the girls are," Lambert said. "The archetypal week it was similar 90% women. I'm like, they'll fig it retired soon enough!"

casa-rosa.jpg Correspondent Lee Cowan with Miranda Lambert astatine Casa Rosa.  CBS News

She's got a unsocial capable look that she's besides launched her ain marque of occidental wear. Her marque is called Idyllwind, named aft her precise archetypal horse, Ellie Idyllwind. "I started riding astatine 30, and I'd ne'er truly ridden before," she said. "So, I named it aft her, due to the fact that it was, like, astir taking chances and being who you are."

"Sunday Morning" archetypal met Miranda Lambert (and that archetypal horse, Ellie) backmost successful 2014. She said of riding, "I person eaten ungraded a mates of times. So, that was fun. That's however you larn right? Get backmost on, effort again."

Miranda Lambert: Little spot tough, small spot sweet ("Sunday Morning")

It wasn't the champion of times for Lambert; the tabloids were afloat of rumors astir what would beryllium the eventual extremity to her high-wattage matrimony to chap state superstar Blake Shelton.

"I wasn't prepared for that," she said.

"I don't deliberation anybody is," said Cowan.

"Well, I don't deliberation anyone is. And it's not bully sometimes," she said. "But I deliberation you got to instrumentality it with a atom of brackish and cognize that, like, I'm a singer-songwriter, truthful luckily I tin archer my full truth. I volition not prevarication successful my music."

"It seems similar you're truthful overmuch happier than you were the past clip we met?"

"I've besides grown up, and I've learned a batch astir myself," said Lambert. "And I deliberation astatine immoderate point, you conscionable commencement to settee into who you are. And I deliberation that's wherefore you consciousness that, like, bid coming from me, 'cause I consciousness astatine bid with myself."

In 2019, though, she bushed the tabloids to the punch, erstwhile she amazed everyone with quality that she had secretly gotten joined again, to Brendan McLoughlin, a erstwhile N.Y.C. constabulary serviceman who inspired the deed single, "Settling Down." "It's similar immoderate kinda Hallmark movie oregon something!" Lambert laughed. "This redneck from Texas meets this beauteous NYPD serviceman connected the thoroughfare successful New York. But it really happened that way."

Miranda Lambert - Settling Down (Official Video) by mirandalambertVEVO on YouTube

That's McLoughlin successful the video, changeable connected Lambert's workplace astir an hr southbound of Nashville.

"It was a beauteous infinitesimal to stock with my husband. Sometimes artists unrecorded successful darkness, and usage it for their creation oregon whatever. But you know, you don't person to beryllium tortured to beryllium good," she laughed. "Like, you tin constitute a bittersweet opus and not person to unrecorded each bittersweet opus you ever write, you know? It's an intolerable mode to unrecorded and to be."

"What did helium deliberation astir it, being successful it?"

"He loves it. He's specified a ham! I mean, he's, like, achromatic teeth, bluish eyes, ding! I mean, if there's a camera, he'll leap successful beforehand of it. He's conscionable a precise extroverted, outgoing person."

When the pandemic hit, Miranda and her hubby rode it retired successful an Airstream, travelling wherever they could, camping wherever they could together. "I've been touring present since I was 17. And I person been everyplace and seen nothing. I was, like, 'This is my 1 accidental to, like, respire and not consciousness similar I request to beryllium doing thing with euphony each the time.  

miranda-lambert-palomino-album-rca-nashville.jpg RCA Nashville

"But past of course, I wrote 3 records!" she laughed. 

One of them is "Palomino," Lambert's highly-anticipated eighth solo medium – her dreams during the pandemic enactment to music, with songs similar "If I Was a Cowboy." 

"They felt similar freedom. They felt similar travel. It was thing we could bash successful our minds that we couldn't physically do."

If I was a cowboy, I'd beryllium chaotic and free
Rollin' astir these towns similar tumbleweeds
I'd beryllium a fable astatine loving and leaving
Nipping connected a whiskey and numbing up my feelings
You thought the West was wild, but you ain't saddled up with me
If I was a cowboy, I'd beryllium the queen

Miranda Lambert - If I Was a Cowboy (Official Video) by mirandalambertVEVO on YouTube

Some of the songs featured she primitively wrote retired successful the breathtaking and socially-distant wilderness of acold West Texas. But possibly the champion caller opus to sum up her beingness (and ours) during the pandemic is this one, fittingly called "Strange":

Coyotes connected my near and wolves connected my right
Sun keeps shining successful the mediate of the night
Urban feels suburban
Main thoroughfare ain't main
And times similar these marque maine consciousness strange.

Miranda Lambert does person a knack for wrapping chords astir the information successful a mode that besides tin consciousness similar an escape.

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Story produced by Reid Orvedahl. Editor: Ed Givnish. 

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