Minnie Driver Recalls Director Asking Her to Fake an Orgasm as Part of an Audition

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Minnie Driver Takes connected Challenging "Speechless"

At the commencement of her movie acting career, Minnie Driver stood up for herself aft being humiliated in an audition. How bash you similar them chocolates?

In an excerpt from her caller memoir Managing Expectations, released May 3 and obtained by E! News, the Good Will Hunting histrion describes trying retired for a portion successful a chocolate merchandise commercialized successful her autochthonal London soon aft she filmed the 1995 movie Circle of Friends, her big-screen debut. Driver, 52, said that wrong the country was a antheral director and much than a twelve people, mostly men from an advertisement agency. She said she received nary publication for the commercial.

Driver said successful her publication that the manager asked her, "You've seen the movie When Harry Met Sally?" adding, "You cognize the country wherever she fakes an orgasm? OK. Eat a portion of cocoa and bash that."

Driver said she responded, "Fake an orgasm?" and that the manager replied, chuckling, "Yes. Unless you fancy having a existent one."

The histrion said the manager told her to bash it twice, erstwhile "normally" and past again successful a "bigger" way, saying that instrumentality would beryllium utilized for a Dutch market.

Driver said she wanted to tally retired of the country and pass her chap actresses waiting extracurricular for their accidental to audition, or, arsenic she enactment it, "vying for an accidental that was really humiliation dressed up successful a pick-me! outfit" oregon "being lunchtime amusement for a clump of pervy execs."

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Instead, she chewed a portion of cocoa portion faking an orgasm, mimicking the iconic 1989 movie country with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Driver said she past said she didn't deliberation she could bash it again, to which 1 of the advertisement men allegedly responded, "Course you can, love, that's the champion spot astir being a girl!"

Driver said she past told the radical she wouldn't bash it again due to the fact that she "will propulsion up" and that the manager past "sneered," "rolled his eyes," and told her, "Well, each the different girls person seemingly precise overmuch enjoyed this."

The histrion said she gathered her overgarment and said, "They were faking it."

Driver wrote that aft the audition, she returned location to an answering instrumentality connection telling her that radical had said she was "difficult" astatine the tryout. "I knew I'd present been marked," she said. "Branded with a scarlet D that often comes with saying 'no' arsenic an actress."

Driver had spoken astir the acquisition before, calling it her worst audition successful an interrogation with Backstage in 2018.

"I would categorically enactment this successful immoderate mentation of the #MeToo satellite I grew up in," she said. "The audition was for a cocoa barroom commercial. These advertisement guys ne'er amusement up to an audition (it's usually conscionable a casting director), but I went in, and determination were 10 guys with their jackets off, 1 pistillate casting director, a stool, and broken-up bits of candy. The premise of the advertisement was the orgasm country of When Harry Met Sally, and fundamentally she was expected to instrumentality 1 wound of the cocoa and person an orgasm."

Driver continued, "I f--king did it. I knew it was wrong, and I inactive did it. I was embarrassed and mortified, and I didn't recognize it until years later. That feeling didn't permission maine for a agelong time. And to this day, I privation idiosyncratic successful that country had stood up and said, 'This is outrageous,' due to the fact that these guys were getting their jollies off, watching pistillate aft pistillate unreal to person an orgasm. I don't deliberation it would hap today, convey goodness, which is immoderate benignant of progress."

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