Minneapolis police accused of pattern or practice of racial discrimination

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Minnesota's Department of Human Rights said Wednesday that a astir 2-year probe has revealed that there's probable origin that the metropolis of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department is engaging successful a signifier oregon signifier of contention favoritism successful usurpation of the state's Human Rights Act. 

The investigation, announced aft the murder of George Floyd successful May 2020, examined whether the metropolis and the constabulary section were utilizing racially discriminatory practices and policies

"Following the execution of George Floyd, demands to extremity discriminatory policing practices reverberated crossed the world," Minnesota Department of Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero said erstwhile announcing the report's findings. "Those demands stay conscionable arsenic urgent contiguous with the announcement of the investigative findings which paints an unsettling representation of the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department engaging successful a signifier of radical favoritism implicit the past decade." 

In a 72-page report, the quality rights section said the MPD "engages successful a signifier oregon signifier of discriminatory, race-based policing," citing "racial disparities successful however MPD officers usage force, stop, search, arrest, and mention radical of color;" "officers' usage of covert societal media to surveil Black individuals and Black organizations, unrelated to transgression activity;" and "MPD officers' accordant usage of racist, misogynistic, and disrespectful language." 

US-RACISM-POLICE-TRIAL-RIGHTS People stitchery arsenic they observe astatine George Floyd Square aft the verdict was announced successful the proceedings of erstwhile constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin successful Minneapolis, Minnesota connected April 20, 2021. CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

As an example, the study notes that "MPD's information shows that during the clip cervix restraints were permitted nether MPD policy, MPD officers were astir doubly arsenic apt to usage cervix restraints against Black individuals than achromatic individuals who MPD officers recorded arsenic behaving successful the aforesaid mode erstwhile interacting with constabulary and whose constabulary enactment stemmed from the aforesaid alleged discourtesy oregon event." 

The study besides alleges that these problems are caused chiefly by the department's organizational culture, citing "deficient" grooming that "emphasizes a paramilitary attack to policing that results successful officers unnecessarily escalating encounters oregon utilizing inappropriate levels of force." 

One adept reappraisal of the MPD's usage of unit files recovered that MPD officers utilized "unnecessary and inappropriate levels of unit successful 52.6% of incidents successful which they utilized a cervix restraint, and successful 37.1% of incidents successful which they sprayed chemic irritants against individuals of each radical and taste backgrounds," the study said. 

The study besides called the department's accountability procedures, "inefficient and ineffective," and said the section has not done capable to code radical disparities. 

"Without cardinal organizational civilization changes, reforming MPD's policies, procedures, and trainings volition beryllium meaningless," the study said. 

The city's mayor, Jacob Frey, said he's "outraged" by the report's findings, and said the study would assistance the metropolis proceed to amended its policing policies. 

"This study reinforces our request to double-down adjacent further to displacement the civilization successful our constabulary department, to clasp up and prosecute community-oriented officers, and clasp those accountable who autumn abbreviated of our Minneapolis values," helium said successful a statement. 

Interim Chief Amelia Huffman, who was tapped to tally the section successful December 2021 aft the erstwhile main retired, said the section is "committed to promoting nationalist spot and serviceman safety." 

"During the past 2 years, we person been moving guardant with reforms to guarantee we person an effective, law constabulary work that radical successful our assemblage request and want," Huffman said. "We volition reappraisal this study to marque definite we person a wide knowing of each contented raised. We are committed to promoting nationalist spot and serviceman information done ongoing investments successful our people, training, policies, and processes."

The probe was archetypal announced successful June 2020, soon aft Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin, who astatine the clip was an serviceman with the Minneapolis Police Department. Video showing Chauvin pressing his genu into Floyd's cervix for much than 9 minutes sparked planetary outrage and a reckoning connected contention successful the U.S. 

Chauvin was found guilty astir a twelvemonth aboriginal of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree execution and second-degree manslaughter, and was sentenced to 22 and 1/2 years successful situation past June. 

Former Minneapolis constabulary  serviceman  Derek Chauvin is sentenced aft  being recovered  blameworthy  of the execution  of George Floyd Former Minneapolis constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin listens to the justice denote his condemnation of 20 2 and a fractional years successful situation for the execution of George Floyd during Chauvin's sentencing proceeding successful Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 25, 2021 successful a inactive representation from video. POOL

When announcing the Department of Human Rights' investigation, Minnesota politician Tim Walz said it would not lone analyse Floyd's death, but would besides encompass the past 10 years of the city's policing "to find if the section has utilized systemic discriminatory practices towards radical of color." 

"We're not going to reconstruct bid connected our streets by having a bigger radical of National Guard amusement up. We're not going to found bid connected our streets by keeping a curfew successful spot each the time," Walz said erstwhile announcing the probe. "We're going to found bid connected our streets erstwhile we code the systemic issues that caused it successful the archetypal place."

"If this is not an inflection point... this volition travel backmost again," helium added. 

Now that the findings person been released, the quality rights section said the adjacent measurement is to enactment with the metropolis to instrumentality a consent decree, a court-enforceable statement that outlines changes that volition beryllium made. 

"Race-based policing is unlawful and harms everyone, particularly radical of colour and Indigenous assemblage members – sometimes costing assemblage members their lives," Lucero said. "I look guardant to the enactment up with the City, MPD, and assemblage members to amended nationalist information by reversing unlawful policing practices."

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