Mining company Argo Blockchain to Launch Flagship Mining Facility in Texas

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The London-listed Bitcoin mining institution Argo Blockchain volition officially launch its flagship mining installation Helios successful Texas adjacent week.

According to the company's filings with the London Stock Exchange, The archetypal signifier of improvement of Helios volition utilize 200 MW of powerfulness procreation capacity, and Argo’s hash complaint volition summation by 243% and is expected to scope 5.5 EH/s by the extremity of 2022.

Per the filing, Helios besides has up to 600 MW of further generating capacity, enabling Argo's operations to turn importantly to much than 20 EH/s.

Argo Blockchain has been making an emphatic determination into the North American marketplace successful the past fewer years, citing the inexpensive and renewable vigor sources disposable successful assorted areas successful the region.

Argo Blockchain has signed a concern statement with Core Scientific, and the 2 parties volition speech their respective bitcoin mining machines successful the coming months.

The installation of the Bitmain S19J Pro mining rig has already started and volition proceed until July.

Argo Blockchain had been gathering retired the information centre successful Texas, drafting connected enactment done a short-term indebtedness of $20 cardinal it secured from Galaxy Digital backmost successful June past year.

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