Mikel Arteta refuses to be drawn on Antonio Conte criticism

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Mikel Arteta File Photo
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Arsenal brag Mikel Arteta refused to beryllium drawn connected the disapproval helium faced from Tottenham counterpart Antonio Conte astatine the extremity of a fiery northbound London derby.

Spurs brushed speech their rivals 3-0 astatine the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to reignite hopes of pipping the Gunners to a fourth-place decorativeness successful the Premier League.

But the play did not extremity connected the transportation as, aft Arteta appeared to blasted referee Paul Tierney for the result, Conte claimed the Spaniard “complains a lot” and should “focus much connected his team”.

Antonio Conte, pictured, criticised Mikel Arteta aft  the northbound  London derby (Peter Byrne/PA)

Antonio Conte, pictured, criticised Mikel Arteta aft the northbound London derby (Peter Byrne/PA)

Rather than proceed the warfare of words, Arteta indicated helium was pursuing Conte’s proposal erstwhile asked whether helium had a effect to the Italian’s remarks up of Arsenal’s travel to Newcastle connected Monday.

“I americium afloat focused connected Newcastle,” said Arteta. “We person a immense crippled to play connected Monday against Newcastle and afloat absorption connected vigor is conscionable connected that.”

Arsenal, who beryllium 1 constituent up of Tottenham, are inactive successful power of their ain destiny arsenic wins implicit the Magpies and Everton adjacent play would warrant Champions League shot adjacent season.

There volition beryllium scrutiny connected however Arsenal respond aft specified a humbling setback earlier this week but Arteta has been enthused with his players’ cognition since then.

Yesterday is gone.The enactment for Monday starts 𝗻𝗼𝘄.— Arsenal (@Arsenal) May 13, 2022

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“That crippled was mislaid and we were disappointed but present I conscionable look forward,” said Arteta.

“We each cognize everything that we’ve been benignant of done passim the play and however we person had to combat to beryllium successful this position.

“I americium (lucky) to person them, however they basal (up to pressure) nether immoderate difficulty, however overmuch they are looking guardant to play connected Monday, however excited they are astir the situation ahead.”

Arsenal volition beryllium without the suspended Rob Holding astatine St James’ Park pursuing his sending disconnected astatine Tottenham portion chap defenders Ben White (hamstring) and Gabriel (thigh) are doubtful.

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