Microlino launches Pioneer Series, a limited run of its ultra-sleek, not-a-car electric microcar

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Microlino has conscionable unveiled its Pioneer Series, a constricted variation of 999 electrical vehicles to beryllium produced connected its Turin, Italy, assembly enactment and destined for its earliest backers.

The Microlino whitethorn look similar a tiny electrical car, but is really classified arsenic a quadricycle oregon L7e-class conveyance successful astir of Europe.

First unveiled six years agone astatine the Geneva Motor Show, the Microlino has taken a twisting, turning way towards production.

We got to instrumentality a person look astatine the company’s Turin-based accumulation enactment earlier this year, erstwhile the institution promised that the archetypal vehicles would beryllium coming conscionable a fewer months later.

More oregon little connected schedule, Microlino is present preparing the archetypal 999 units, which volition beryllium individually numbered arsenic portion of the Pioneer Series.

They volition travel successful exclusive colors of Atlantis Blue and Torino Aluminium, lone disposable arsenic portion of the Pioneer Series, and volition see a prima roof, premium interior in vegan leather and suede, and a portable Bluetooth speaker.

The cars travel equipped with a 10.5 kWh battery, which is said to connection 177 km (110 miles) of range. Over 80% of the car’s components are made successful Europe, with astir coming from Italy.

The tiny conveyance has a apical velocity of 90 km/h (56 mph) and a 12.5 kW (16.8 hp) motor, meaning it should beryllium reasonably peppy for the metropolis but mightiness instrumentality a spot longer to get up to its apical speed.

The two-seater besides sports 230 liters (8.1 cubic feet) of retention abstraction successful the trunk, contempt its alternatively tiny appearance. The institution describes the Microlino arsenic having “space for 2 adults and 3 brew crates.”

If you aren’t acquainted with the Microlino (or hell, adjacent if you are), I urge watching the one-minute video beneath to get a consciousness of the benignant of usage this conveyance is intended for.

After the archetypal 999 units of the Pioneer Series are produced, the institution is expected to statesman much full-scale accumulation of Microlino vehicles. The institution says it volition beryllium capable to nutrient a Microlino conveyance each 20 minutes, erstwhile the mill ramps up to afloat production.

The conveyance is already disposable for pre-order with a terms of €12,500 (approximately US $13,000).

Other quadricycles successful Europe are besides targeting this niche conveyance category, though fewer person done it with rather the plan flair that the Microlino has managed to capture.

The class is inactive growing, and I had the accidental to trial retired an Eli ZERO electrical microcar recently connected a travel to Milan, which you tin spot below.

But arsenic soon arsenic I tin find my mode into a Microlino, you amended judge I’m going to marque it happen!

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