Mercedes EQXX drive, hypermiling the 750-mile solar prototype engineers want to build

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There’s precisely 1 Mercedes EQXX successful existence, and we had the bully luck to beryllium capable to thrust it astir a trial way successful Southern Germany this week. This is simply a peculiar car for a fig of reasons, but successful a nutshell, it is simply a 100kWh ultra precocious ratio EV with a slippery .17 coefficient of resistance and 600W of star panels connected top.

One look astatine the Mercedes EQXX, and it is beauteous wide that a batch of thought went into the design, some wrong and out. This wasn’t conscionable designed to beryllium ultra-efficient, it is designed to beryllium a amusement car – 1 that exudes the aboriginal of the Mercedes brand.

Leaving the signifier origin unsocial for a infinitesimal and focusing connected function, this is considered a star car, precise akin to the Lightyear being developed for merchantability successful the Netherlands by Dutch entrepreneurs.

The rooftop and backmost model country are afloat of star panels. Mercedes engineers told maine they could person made the beforehand hood and rear and broadside panels star arsenic well, but it wouldn’t person looked similar a car – specifically, a Mercedes. Also the benefits of having that overmuch star versus the other value of the panels and wiring mightiness person made the benefits moot. The star panels lone person into 12V powerfulness and don’t spell to the 900 Volt thrust strategy – another value savings measure. But also, you tin propulsion the imagination distant of coming backmost to your car aft leaving it successful the prima for weeks to a afloat precocious capableness battery.

Basically, the champion you tin anticipation for present from a star position is that the prima powers each of the interior 12V systems. The 920V system, which not lone includes the thrust bid but besides the vigor pump, has to beryllium powered from batteries.

EQXXEQXX Drag of .17 is simply a large outlier

Drag is the magnitude of unit exerted connected a conveyance by the aerial flow, and it is measured by a “coefficient of drag,” with little numbers meaning that the car slips done the aerial better. As velocity increases, resistance becomes much important and a larger percent of the wide nonaccomplishment of energy. A Hummer oregon Land Rover Defender volition person a precocious .6 score, a emblematic car volition beryllium .3 – .4, and a highly aerodynamic car volition beryllium .2 – .3.

Even compared to the similar-shaped Lightyear One’s .19 cD, the EQXX resistance is connected different level – much awesome inactive is that it was achieved portion not requiring a rear instrumentality bay screen similar different debased resistance car designs specified arsenic LightYear, the GM EV1 oregon the Volkswagon XL1 pictured below; each with a resistance coefficient of .19.

Other famously debased resistance cars are the Tesla Model S Plaid with a .21 people and Mercedes’ ain EQS with a people of .20.

One mode to flooded the resistance was to physique ducts for “air curtains” that envelop the beforehand wheels, past nonstop that aerial done the the broadside of the car with further ducts aft the beforehand wheels. On the hood, determination are 2 further ducts that instrumentality aerial from closable intakes from the beforehand of the car and spit them retired implicit the apical of the car aft utilizing the aerial for somesthesia control.

Interestingly, the peculiar precocious density silicon anode batteries don’t request progressive cooling, alternatively relying connected the agelong creaseless underbody arsenic a vigor sink. That not lone saves vigor successful cooling and pumping fluid, but besides saves successful weight.

Interestingly, Mercedes went with accepted broadside mirrors alternatively than cameras, noting that their broadside mirrors were the slipperiest ever. A broadside effect of that is simply a tiny reflector surface, which combined with a star sheet covering wherever the rear model would person provided lackluster rear visibility.

EQXX debased rolling resistance

Air resistance is astir 2/3rds of the vigor usage of a car wide – and much arsenic velocity increases – but it isn’t the lone factor. Rolling absorption caused by tires gathering the roadworthy and different mechanical friction wrong the car besides tin relationship for up to 20% of the unit needed to propel the car. Mercedes engineers gave the EQXX ultra bladed tires to flooded immoderate of this and spent a batch of clip making definite friction could beryllium eliminated connected each moving part. The smaller tires volition person immoderate impact connected handling, peculiarly connected slippery surfaces.

EQXX High voltage – thinner wires, little resistance, little weight

While astir EVs including Mercedes existent lineup of electrical vehicles usage 400V systems, the EQXX uses a 920 Volt system. According to Ohm’s law, higher voltages mean little absorption and the quality to usage thinner, lighter wiring. An added payment would beryllium faster charging, but Mercedes decided to support the charging amperage comparatively debased truthful it didn’t person to adhd the value of a artillery cooling strategy that would request to chill accelerated charging cells. Still, the precocious voltage means little value and powerfulness loss.

ISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenVISION EQXX Driving Experience @ ImmendingenLight value and immense artillery mean debased power, debased charging

Because the EQXX is 1755kg/3900lbs “light” and precise slippery done the air, it means that a batch little powerfulness is required to propulsion it forward. With conscionable an 180kW motor, the EQXX is capable to “rocket” guardant to 100km/h successful nether 7 seconds. The apical velocity is besides unremarkable astatine nether 90mph oregon 140km/h. These debased bars are powerfulness and vigor redeeming measures.

Similarly, EQXX lone charges astatine 140kW. I accidental “only” due to the fact that the 100kWh 920V strategy could easy bash treble that powerfulness with a robust (and truthful heavy) cooling system. But due to the fact that each watt-hour of powerfulness added takes the EQXX much than treble the scope of astir EVs, the nett effect is simply a whopping 186 miles of scope successful conscionable 15 minutes (not that charging is thing this happening needs to bash often).

EQXX Drive

Mercedes enactment unneurotic a thigh astatine their Immendingen proving grounds to situation journalists to spot however debased a KWh/Km people we could achieve; we archetypal got a thrust astir the way successful an EQB outfitted with the EQB thrust bid called “EMMA”. It felt precise prototype-y and noisey, but got america utilized to the assorted regen levels and the track.

VISION EQXX Driving Experience @ Immendingen

Then we got into the EQXX.

The conveyance itself is rather tiny inside, and I clonked my caput getting in; it feels rather debased to the crushed and the way felt peculiarly unsmooth for a Mercedes, astir apt due to the fact that of the constrictive tires. The interior is modern and beauteous and feels precise “EQ” with achromatic accents and neon lighting. There’s a loop doorway grip and a shag carpet, and each of the materials are made from bully things similar sponges and mushrooms.

The EQXX drives precise easily.

The immense surface wrong seems similar it would beryllium a monolithic artillery suck, but it is an OLED show ,which really turns disconnected the LED lighting successful its achromatic backgrounds. It looks rather amazing, peculiarly with immoderate of the unsocial driving dynamics UI Mercedes built.

UI/UX im VISION EQXX: Das Benutzererlebnis im VISION EQXX katapultiert uns successful eine intelligente, softwaregesteuerte Zukunft. Mit einem beeindruckenden Design und intuitiv bedienbar erstreckt sich das erste komplett nahtlose Display successful einem Mercedes-Benz über 47,5 Zoll von einer A-Säule zur anderen.

UI/UX successful the VISION EQXX: The idiosyncratic interface and idiosyncratic acquisition wrong the VISION EQXX catapults america into a highly responsive, intelligent and software-driven future. Stunning to look at, intuitive to enactment with and successful tune with the quality mind, the archetypal ever wholly seamless show successful a Mercedes-Benz spans 47.5 inches from 1 A-pillar to the other.

Some of the cooler menus would amusement america wherever the prima was and however overmuch powerfulness it was providing. There’s besides a batch of hypermiling nerd porn determination letting the operator cognize however overmuch powerfulness is being utilized successful assorted ways.

Der Effizienzassistent unterstützt dice Sinne des Fahrers und berücksichtigt sogar dice Richtung und Intensität von Sonne und Wind.

The ratio adjunct enhances the driver’s ain senses, adjacent taking into relationship the absorption and strength of the prima and wind.

Mercedes engineers got astir 8.5kwh/100km connected their EQXX trial drives connected existent roads and highways from Stuttgart to Casis successful France and Goodwood successful England. With my one-pedal driving acquisition implicit 10 years of driving EVs, I thought I could acceptable a record. Unfortunately, I encountered 2 stops during the thrust for different cars connected the way and lone ended up successful the mediate of the battalion with an 8kWh/100km total. For this, I got a information (!!) trophy certificate. Touche´.

Das UI/UX im VISION EQXX bietet ein neues Maß an digitalem Luxus. Es liefert den Insassen dice Informationen, dice sie brauchen. Und zwar genau dann, wenn sie sie brauchen – nicht mehr und nicht weniger.

The UI/UX successful the VISION EQXX offers a caller level of integer luxury, providing the occupants with the accusation they request erstwhile they request it – nary much nary less.

EQXX –not for sale, but Mercedes engineers privation it to beryllium a product

The EQXX was built to beryllium not lone a exertion objection for the world, but to besides pass the institution what was imaginable for interior electrical vehicles to come. Every technologist I spoke to said it was a learning acquisition that would marque it to different vehicles. So some internally and externally, the EQXX was a large winner.

But much than 1 technologist asked maine to effort to rally nationalist enactment to marque the EQXX an existent product.

That got maine thinking.

What would you request to bash to the EQXX to marque it a producible car – a thought experiment: I would chop the artillery successful fractional to ~50kWh. That would besides chopped sizeable value not conscionable successful battery, but besides framework and components, making it adjacent much efficient. So alternatively of 750 miles of range, we’ll accidental 420 miles. Also would chopped a batch of cost. That means astatine 140kW charging speed, you’d beryllium good implicit 200 miles successful 15 minutes Screw it – enactment star panels each implicit the car and marque those panels capable to complaint the 920V battalion and propulsion the motors. Instead of 600W peak, we’re present astatine implicit 1000W. Closer to 70km of scope per time conscionable from the sun. Park the car successful the prima for a week astatine the airport? Come backmost to a afloat battery. Much lighter value but aforesaid centrifugal means faster 5+ 2nd 0-60 time.

I americium starting to recognize I’m gathering a $250K Lightyear Zero, oregon possibly with Mercedes experience, thing a small faster, amended and…cheaper? Maybe Mercedes should support an oculus connected that Dutch squad to the north. And vice versa!

ISION EQXX Driving Experience @ Immendingen

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