Mercedes EQB first drive: $55K small 3rd row SUV doesn’t have to go fast or far to impress

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The astir accessible and apt astir fashionable Mercedes EV, the EQB, is soon going to beryllium hitting dealerships successful the US, joining Europe and Canada. And it mightiness look a little lot acquainted if you’ve experienced the Mercedes GLB ICE vehicle, yet acold improved due to the fact that of the electrical powertrain. Mercedes flew america to its proving grounds extracurricular of Stuttgart to find retired more…

Mercedes EQB specs

The EQB is simply a spot of an outlier erstwhile it comes to premium vehicles successful presumption of powertrain specs, and unfortunately, I don’t mean that successful a bully way. Let’s get the disfigured retired first:

Battery: 70.5kWh usable up from 66kWh EU (not bad) Drag coefficient: 0.28 (low, which is good!) Power: asynchronous front, permanently excited rear motors (eh)
EQB 300 4matic: 225 hp (168 kW) 288 lb-ft (390 Nm)
EQB 350 4matic: 288 hp (215 kW) 384 lb-ft (520 Nm) Top speed: 99.4 mph oregon 160km/h (uh oh) Price: $54,500 EQB 300, $58,050 EQB 350. $7500 Fed taxation cred available(!) Range: 230-240 miles est. (gak) Dimensions: 184.4″ length, 72.2″ width, and 65.6″ height Frunk: Nein! Charging velocity CCS Combo: 100kW (oof) 230-mile range, 100kW CCS combo

Remember, this is simply a Mercedes we’re talking astir here, truthful expectations are comparatively high.

I should enactment that Mercedes estimates EPA of 230-ish miles, portion connected overmuch much optimistic WLTP scale, the somewhat smaller European battalion gets 419 km oregon 260 miles. Still that’s a measurement down from different players successful this field.

Add to that a comparatively dilatory 100kW charging, Mercedes says you tin spell from 10-80% complaint successful 31 minutes connected a 100kW oregon faster charger. That’s astir 165 miles and what you’ll request to purpose for betwixt stops to optimize travel.

For maine personally, that little scope and charging velocity spec makes this a little than optimal agelong travel vehicle. That isn’t truly thing that pairs good with a tiny SUV household car. That said, a “particularly long-range version” is besides planned and a twelvemonth of Mercedes “me Charge” is besides included.

288 horsepower, 0-62 in………6.6–8 seconds

Also, the EQB, portion importantly peppier than its ICE counterpart, is besides dilatory for an EV. My investigating confirmed this. We rode successful the faster 288 horsepower 350 version, which I inactive recovered a spot laggy erstwhile the accelerator was stomped on.

That’s not astonishing fixed the comparatively tiny motors and important 4,800 lb. value of the EQB. Passing that semi with a car afloat of kids is going to instrumentality immoderate patience.

EQB drive

The EQB drives similar a luxury SUV archetypal and foremost. No 1 is going to telephone this a speedy car, but the electrical thrust bid is quiescent and responsive. The seats are comfy and the navigation strategy is solid. I got a full of astir 45 minutes of spot clip total, which was capable clip to get comfy with the car. I expect to person much thoughts aft a longer thrust successful the adjacent future.

One happening I recovered absorbing is that the beforehand centrifugal is overmuch much almighty than the rear, an anomaly for AWD EVs. That’s due to the fact that the lower-spec exemplary that Mercedes sells successful Europe and China has a front-drive-only model, which needs capable powerfulness to thrust the full car. Mercedes lone added a lower-power rear centrifugal to the backmost to springiness it AWD, not speed.

Mercedes EQB InteriorMercedes EQB vs. Tesla Model Y – 3rd-row showdown

On 1 hand, these 2 vehicles aren’t precise akin astatine all. The EQB is simply a repurposed ICE conveyance plan with awesome luxury and mediocre EV attributes, portion Tesla’s Model Y, with each of its ride/quality shortcomings is simply a comparatively nimble and long-range drive. But arsenic acold arsenic EVs with a 3rd enactment successful this terms range, there’s not overmuch other retired there. And it is unbelievable however galore radical person told maine they can’t bargain an EV due to the fact that they request an affordable 3rd enactment option.

So present we are.

The EQB is really successful a smaller conception than the Tesla Model Y, but size-wise, they are wrong a fewer inches successful each direction, with the Mercedes somewhat taller portion the Tesla is somewhat longer and wider:

EQB: 184.4″ L x 72.2″ W x 65.6″ H Tesla Model Y: 187″ L x 76″ W x 64″ H

Storage-wise, the Model Y is importantly bigger, owing to the frunk and compartment guardant plan wherever Mercedes is repurposing a car that was built to location an interior combustion motor up front. Instead of employing frunk space, there’s conscionable loosely packed electrical cogwheel nether the hood. That said, it feels rather spacious inside.

Four adults volition consciousness comfy successful the EQB, arsenic volition 2 adults and 3 kids.

Tesla advertises an implicit 300-mile scope but adjacent with its overly optimistic estimates, it is inactive going to instrumentality you overmuch further betwixt charging stops and complaint quicker.

The Mercedes is simply a Mercedes nevertheless with a overmuch nicer interior, ride, and physique quality.

As for the 3rd row, some are choky successful the back, with Mercedes recommending that lone kids and smaller, nether 5’4 adults beryllium there. Both vehicles get further abstraction by moving the 2nd enactment up astir 5-6 inches. Mercedes didn’t supply a 3rd enactment conveyance for america to inspect, but judging by the magnitude of abstraction successful the rear, it is simply a kids’ area. Here’s the lone representation I could find connected the EQB 3rd row:

Mercedes views 2 different competitors successful this space, the Audi Q4 e-tron and the VW ID.4, neither of which offers a third-row option.

2014-17 Tesla-powered B-Class sold successful California

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often talks astir the company-saving concern Daimler made successful Tesla. The superior product, oregon by-product of that investment, was Tesla’s gathering the drivetrain for the constricted Compliance/ZEV mandate California B-Class B250e. That’s the closest happening to the EQB Mercedes has ever made, and it was fundamentally a 100-mile scope compliance car. So this is simply a measurement up!

Mercedes Benz EQB intangibles

It is important to retrieve that this is simply a Mercedes, and on with fantabulous physique quality, the car comes with a ton of modular features:

Standard instrumentality highlights for the EQB see EQ-specific plan connection with beforehand and rear LED airy bands that are seamlessly integrated into the black- sheet grill. The EQB interior features the new-generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) Multimedia System with Augmented Reality Navigation strategy with Electric Intelligence highlighted connected the 10.25” Digital Instrument Cluster and 10.25” Touchscreen Multimedia Display. Certain information features specified arsenic the Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, and Active Brake Assist are besides equipped arsenic standard. In galore captious situations, the second has the quality to forestall a collision oregon trim its severity with autonomous braking. The strategy is besides capable to brake for stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians astatine emblematic metropolis speeds.

Electrek’s Take:

This is simply a $55,000 Mercedes electrical seven-seater, and aft the national taxation credit, it volition beryllium nether $50,000. That means thing has to give. Thankfully Mercedes didn’t sacrifice connected its workmanship. It chose to skimp connected the electrical drivetrain, which, for galore people, is going to beryllium conscionable fine.

I would expect successful the coming years that Mercedes volition connection a overmuch sportier mentation of this with hopefully longer scope and amended charging dynamics.

For now, this volition marque an astonishing household car for those without a pb ft and tons of patience connected agelong trips.

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