Mega Millions: When is the next drawing for the $1.02 billion jackpot?

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Mega Millions jackpot tops $1 cardinal

Mega Millions jackpot tops $1 cardinal aft nary 1 won $830 cardinal expansive prize 01:16

The Mega Millions prize money surpassed $1 cardinal this week, marking lone the 3rd clip the jackpot has crossed this threshold successful the lottery game's two-decade-long history. With an estimated $1.025 billion promised to astatine slightest 1 fortunate winner, the game's existent cookware is astir arsenic ample arsenic grounds amounts won successful 2018 and 2021. Those years, players whose summons numbers matched the figures drawn by Mega Millions administrators were awarded astir $1.05 cardinal and $1.5 billion.

The adjacent drafting is acceptable to instrumentality spot connected Friday, July 29, astatine 11 p.m. ET. It volition beryllium the 13th to instrumentality spot since the latest Mega Millions jackpot tally began successful April, and follows a radical of very adjacent calls during the astir caller drafting connected Tuesday. 

Mega Millions said 9 radical astir won the jackpot, which astatine the clip stood astatine $830 million, but came up somewhat abbreviated arsenic their tickets held the archetypal 5 winning numbers without the sixth and last Mega Ball figure. Another 156 radical had purchased tickets with the close Mega Ball number, but lone 4 of the archetypal five, according to the lottery. 

One victor from the archetypal radical and 3 twelve from the 2nd bought their tickets with the game's Megaplier diagnostic — guaranteeing a larger prize for an added outgo per summons — which drove up their respective awards to $3 cardinal from $1 cardinal and to $30,000 from $10,000. In the aftermath of the drawing, Mega Millions reported an "unprecedented" summation successful postulation to their website, wherever radical tin participate for a accidental to triumph during the adjacent one. The lottery said the overload of visitors crashed the tract Tuesday night.

"We look with anticipation connected the increasing jackpot," said Pat McDonald, the pb manager of the Mega Millions Consortium and the Ohio lottery director, successful a connection released up of Friday's billion-dollar drawing. "Seeing the jackpot physique implicit a play of months and reaching the billion-dollar people is genuinely breathtaking. We promote customers to support play successful equilibrium and bask the ride. Someone is going to win."

The likelihood of securing this year's Mega Millions payout are slim, and the lottery precocious issued a warning to players that urged them to beryllium alert of scammers looking to cod currency fraudulently by masquerading arsenic authoritative Mega Millions representatives who present quality of a fake triumph via phone, substance oregon email and inquire targets for fees successful return. 

But for individuals who legitimately clasp winning tickets, extortion from scams is 1 crushed that immoderate fiscal advisers person suggested they stay anonymous erstwhile claiming their winnings. Doing truthful is lone imaginable successful a fistful of U.S. states, arsenic a bulk necessitate lottery entrants to publically disclose their identities upon winning. There are further laws successful immoderate places that let lottery winners to assertion their prizes done ineligible entities, similar trusts, which clasp assets, but astir states necessitate anyone with a winning Mega Millions summons to uncover their idiosyncratic accusation erstwhile signing the check.

Along with imaginable choices regarding anonymity erstwhile claiming awards, players who triumph the Mega Millions jackpot tin determine whether to cod the wealth successful installments oregon each astatine once. Lottery entrants who opt for the afloat $1.02 cardinal payout would person that sum successful yearly payments implicit astir 30 years, truthful the bulk take an contiguous currency enactment instead. In this case, the prize pot's currency enactment offers $602.5 cardinal to hopeful winners. 

Deciding a way apt depends connected a fig of idiosyncratic factors for each winner, including their age, contiguous fiscal concern and however their wealth could beryllium collected by beneficiaries, if necessary. A important chunk of the winnings volition spell to national taxes either way, but idiosyncratic authorities laws regarding lottery prizes and how, if astatine all, they are taxed could besides marque 1 benignant of fiscal grant look much favorable.

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